Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Where does my time go?

I'm looking at my schedule for the next couple weeks, and oh my goodness, I don't have any free time until mid...July. Not because i have a lot going on personally, but because everyone else wants me to participate.
this week I:

Tonight must help fix fence so goat will stay in pen
Tomorrow Have a hair appointment. Need a trim and highlight, won't get home till 7ish
Thursday Have a nail appointment
Friday I think I am free...

Yesterday I knew I had to:
Go to a meeting for the reunion
Go to my sister's Shower (yes, another one)
Want to go to friend's birthday BBQ
Will drop off ceterpieces for reunion meeting, not attending meeting
Pick Up friend from airport
Sister's Shower
Skip Friend's bbq to attend Sister's birthday dinner
Go with friend to pick up anaversary cake and wedding album
Pick up friend's husband (also friend)
Drop her off at friend's house for baby shower which I will not attend so that I can have a bit of peace
Dessert at another friend's house

Whirlwind week, then thursday I have my Appointment, friday, scrapbooking club and friend wants to have a party at my place, which will work if it's not a wild and crazy bash which my house is not suited for anyway
Reunion Saturday
Am I taking friends back to airport Sunday?

Next weekend: Bachelorette party in Palm Springs

Next weekend: 1 week till wedding


then a trip to Vegas, which I might back out of now because I really need a rest more than I need to go party in Vegas. I am feeling very stressed out. what I want to do is yell STOP! and NO! I don't want to follow your scedule. No one asked me if I wanted to be busy. Sure wedding stuff and all, I've been expecting that for a long time. And you all might liek to be busy, but I am tired of being so busy that I am not enjoying my life because none of it is for me.

I would ask what Candy would do, but she was busy all the time too. but I think she liked it. She never got cranky with too much to do. At least that I saw...


Sargini said...

what a busy girl

jen said...

you can't skip vegas!! :(

Sargini said...

If you guys miss vegas come to Miami. We have gambling here.


Ginamonster said...

I work at a casino. I don't vegas for the gambling!

Jen, I don't really want to skip vegas (and a possible visit with you!) but funds being what they are and will be in the too near future, as well as time stresses, I'm not sure now is a good time for me to go.

jen said...

I totally understand...who knows anyway...I expect a travel schedule of my own coming up. It's only been 4 days and I miss him already!