Wednesday, May 24, 2006

last day

I am hoping that I will find time over the next couple of days to check in even though I should be packing and preparing. I am thrilled about my trip.

Here's something I can be proud of.

Not last night, but the night before (twenty four robbers came knocking at my door), for the first time in years, because I felt like it, I shaved my legs on a non Thursday. Here is why that is important.

almost 5 years ago, I ended my longest relationship to date which lasted 5 years. I started seeing S soon after. We saw each other on Friday nights, but it was never planned, often I would hear from him on Friday to hang out on Friday (I should have seen that as a sign, but I didn't) so on Thursday nights, I would shave my legs just in case I had a "hot date" on Friday. when the thing (it was a thing, not a relationship) with S ended, I kept up the habit. I shaved more often once C and I started seeing each other. When we lived together, Thursday night became my "spa night" because C was at school until late so I would take a bath, facial masque, shave the legs, all the girly stuff.

You can see where this is all going. I still shave my legs every Thursday night because I might have a "hot date" on Friday. There have been no hot dates this past year. Sure, a couple of outings, a nice dinner or three, but there hasn't been a man anywhere near my legs since T and I broke up a year ago.

So Monday, when I shaved my legs for me, it was kind of a big thing, you know? No date plans, no man hopes, just me thinking that it would be nice to not wake myself up with cricket noises every time I turn over in my sleep. Who knows, maybe I will start shaving my legs twice a week from now on.

for the record, I can't bear to have hair under my arms so those are far better maintained.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One Day MORE!!!

points if any of you now have Les Miserables in your head. maybe that one was just for me. Tomorrow is my last day until vacation. YAY!

We're expecting a WHOLE WEEK of thunderstorms in Yellowstone! YAY! damnit.

Have not heard from "Colin's twin". Y...oh wait. double damnit.

Monday, May 22, 2006

almost forgot

I answered another personal ad today without a whole lot of hope for a reply. This one looks a bit like Colin Firth in his pictures so I am REALLY hoping he likes my picture too. Cuz, you know. He's hot. Of course, as per usual, I don't really expect that he will respond, but here's to hope, yes?

At a loss

I don't have much to say.

Had a good weekend visiting my grandparents and aunt in Arizona. Grandma treated us to fresh scones for breakfast yesterday. Not the English kind. the American kind where you take bread dough, flatten it out, and fry it in oil till it's brown on both sides, smother it in butter and eat until you can't possibly eat anymore, and then have another. mmm scones. I should make them one day when I have overnight company. Goodness knows, Grandma never had trouble catching herself a man, perhaps Scones are her secret man bait. that just sounds wrong. Oh well.

I feel for my sister who has to answer the wonderous comments about how her eggs are getting old and she should probably freeze them just in case. At least for me the questioning stops when I answer, No, I'm not seeing anyone, no prosects, same as usual.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Yellowstone, which means that you won't have to check in for all of next week because I won't have access to a computer and even if I did, it's camping for goodness sake! put that shit away!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Reply all

We're all guilty of it. Hitting the reply all button, under the thought that a friend of yours is a friend of mine. And some people don't mind this. I know I don't, but I like to be included. I like to think that I am part of the conversation even if I don't join in.

Yesterday, my sister sent out a message urging everyone to contact their Senators regarding the gay marriage thing. Someone replied all expressing her opinion about it. Since it was contrary to a few other opinions, there were a few responses to that. Then people started requesting to be removed from the list.

The bad part is, that the reply-alls continued, without regard to those people's requests. I've seen it happen among my friends. Some serious flames were ignited once, and I'm not talking about the blue kind. it got kinda ugly. It was all, don't talk to my brother that way, hey you've insulted my uncle, you're all jerks...I hope this doesn't happen this time, although the last message came through all caps. apparently, he was really trying to get his message accross, which is understandable because it was his second request.

So I urge you, if you use the reply all button, please delete the names and addresses of the people who either, request to be removed from the conversation, or, you don't recognize them. I remember once I misspelled (no, really??) an email address and all my friends and I were discussing poo. to the amusement of a rather nice fellow in Mexico who didn't know any of us.

Freudian slip

"If I looked everytime I heard a noise out there, I'd never get anyone...anything done"

Says me to my boss when I asked if it's bad that I ignore the people who knock on my door as opposed to ringing the doorbell to get my attention. The way my office is set up, I cannot see the doorway. To solve this, we installed a doorbell to alert us if anyone needed our attention. After 3 years, people still knock (sometimes very lightly) on the dutch door into my office. (I work in a restricted area. people have to be invited in)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

government policy

I sent letters to my senators today. Well, actually, it was the same letter sent to both. I am praying that I spelled everything correctly. We know how bad my spelling can be.

Hello Ms Boxer/Feinstein,
I scanned your most recent press releases before contacting you so that I could discover your stance on the proposed Constitutional amendment regarding marriage in the United States. Since I found none, I would like to express my feelings on the subject.
The Constitution of the United States, as I see it, allows that the citizens of this great country should have certain liberties, which are not to be infringed on by the government. I would like to hope that among the unmentioned freedoms is the freedom to love as we choose, be it man or woman, without regard to age, ethnicity, or religion. In a perfect world, these unmentioned freedoms are inherent. In the real world, these freedoms are questioned on basis of preconcieved notions, upbringing, socioeconomic adgendas. Then they are used as fodder to push independant adjenda.
I believe that Marriage is a sacred union between two people. In matters of religion, it is a covenant of god, a union of the soul, an opportunity to make a public commitment to a life together. In terms of the law, it can mean a tax break if the couple chooses to take it.
I can only hope that you agree with me that restricting the right of the people to marry as they choose would not be in the best interests of my fellow Americans. As an unmarried woman, I would hope that when I do love, and am loved in return, that no one will question my right to marry the person of my choice. I hope that when I do choose to marry, no one declares my love against God's will because it does not fit into their idea of what is right. I hope that my goverment does not declare the love that I choose against the constitution. I see love in any form as the ultimate expression of god. No matter which form of god you worship. And in that frame of mind, I don't see how the government can dictate what is between humans and god.
I know you have difficult choices that you must uphold and defend every day. I hope that I have made a good point.
Have a lovely day
Blessed Be

I'm not going to read that again because I know I will find spelling and grammer mistakes and then I will feel like a colossol idiot. Love to you all, including those who I KNOW don't agree with my stance on this subject.

The following conversation with my sister made me smile

Actually, my sister makes me smile a lot. this would be the older one. Hey! I think the younger one is nearby!

S: and you are silly
G: Who me?
S: Yes you
G: Couldn't be
S: Then who?
G: Wendy stole the cookie from the cookie jar! (Wendy works with my sister. She is our long lost Chinese sister)
S: You're fun. Where do we learn these things anyway?
G:I don't know. Like the booger song, it's always been in our heads. I will be blogging this later, you know.
S: Booger song?
G:everybody's doin it doin it doin it
picking their nose and chewin it chewin it chewin it
tastes like candy but it's really snot
an ice cream sundae with a booger on the top!
S:oh, THAT booger song.
I think our mother had something to do with these tidbits.

Hee. Now that is a great way to start the day.

The end of the story

"Journey" cancelled, only slight hard feelings but mostly relief. It was the other party who said "this is a bad idea" and so I was spared my pride. (sort of)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In other amusing news

I still look at the personals because I think they are funny although I told myself I wasn't going to answer them anymore.

But yesterday, I couldn't help myself, not for romantic reasons, but because the fellow posted that he was looking for an earthy type woman who wasn't hairy. This struck me as funny because I wasn't aware that there were that many women who don't shave thier legs and pits. So I emailed him and told him so. and by the way, good luck finding Miss Right.

He responded with a picture, and I had to laugh. Not because of the picture, he's a good looking guy. But because he was one of the ones that didn't respond after I sent my picture. So after a few HAHAHA's, I told him we had communicated before and that he didn't respond after I sent him my picture. But here's a new one, maybe you'll like it better.

And that was the high poing of my amusement today. I did however freak out a coworker so much with my new glasses that he forgot what he came over for and had to leave. I'll get you guys pictures eventually.

A story

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a tough choice to make. In fact, it was one of the toughest choices she had ever come up against.

After a long time trying to make sense out of her situation, and after a lifetime of doing the right thing most of the time, always taking the easy road when possible and staying out of trouble, she made her decision.

It wasn't a good decision. It probably wasn't the right decision. In fact, her friends flat out told her not to do it. All of their reasoning was valid and true. But the commitment had been made. Pride held her to it.

She held her head up high, and shed a tear for the woman that was. She knew it would be a treacherous road, frought with peril and many twists and turns. Just looking down that road filled her heart with dread. She knew that at the end of the road was a mountain of hurt. She also knew that beyond the mountain of hurt was a valley where she could rest and heal. But first, the journey. She had already travelled the other ways and visited her other options and the issue was never resolved. She knew that travelling this road would change her forever, but that in the valley of rest was a new life and a fresh start.

She had no illusions that the brambles on the road would not cut her deeply. No illusions that she wouldn't need to spend a lot of time in that valley before she was ready to move on with her new life. But she understood the consquences of her actions. She made the bad decision because she saw no other way to get where she needed to go.

The journey begins today. You'll know the end when it is over. So will I.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Star Spangled Banner was penned on my birthday. Princess Grace Died on my 5th birthday.

Actually a lot of people died on my day. Oh well. That's to be expected, there's a lot of people in the world.

Meanwhile, there is someone in San Diego googling me. Hi! and one in El Cajon! Hi! Don't worry, all I know is where your computer is. I don't have the savy to find anything else.

HR Update

I never did hear back from him, and I know he's still alive because I see his car each day. I have figured that he really does have far too many issues for me to get involved and, he can't be bothered with responding to my emails. I came to this conclusion awhile ago and basically crossed him off my list of possibilities.

Anyway, He was just behind me on the path to the drink station. I only know because I saw his reflection in the window. I just kept on going, although I probably should have turned and said hello. you know, just to be friendly since he's a likeable fellow, and I don't want to be a snob.

I didn't turn to say hello because a person who doesn't return my messages isn't really worth my time and energy. I wonder if perhaps he didn't decide to work it out with the mother of his child. If so, Great! But don't tell me you want to get to know me and then drop me in the dirt. I don't have the time or patience for that sort of nonsense.

I have wondered if perhaps Baby Mama didn't intercept the messages, but there is so little communication between he and I that the implicated drama of THAT is far too much to deal with. Like Gary said, too many people marry the wrong person. And there are too many red flags to sonsider this man an option for even a casual partnership.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Being single

I know that this subject has been coming up a lot, but, I'm a single woman in my late 20's. That's just life.

So my sister leans over towards me the other night while we were at Blind Melons watching Pink Froyd (shameless plugs. you know I love em. Pink Fryod, by the way, is a sweet Floyd cover band that tours and everything and while the lead singer does in fact think he's pretty, they are excellent. And the drummer, who is a friend, is nice to look at) and tells me that Papi (Papi is her husband's grandfather. he's a nice man, we all love him) wants to know why I am not married yet. Apparently, I am very pretty and should be by now. She told him I hadn't found the right one yet.

My mom pointed out that if I wanted to be married I would be. And really, honestly, she's right. And suddenly, being single was just a little bit easier.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm supposed to show you my Fridge cuz it's Friday

Harbucks bags, milk for pudding. The bachelorette life is grand. I'd show you what's in my drawers (hee hee) but they are empty because every time I put stuff in there I forget about it and it goes bad. really bad. By the way, the litres of soda are left from when I hosted Bunco last. I don't really drink very much soda. except out of glass bottles so I can make magnets. Plus it tastes better that way.
This is my freezer. Note the large box of corn dogs. Right after I bought them, I got over my corn dog kick. Under those are the rolled tacos I bought when I was on my last rolled taco kick. yeah. also note the ginormous bag of chocolate chips. giridhelli. just because I can't spell them doesn't mean they aren't yummy! by the handful! for dinner sometimes. hee. ok not really for dinner.

I don't know how to make these not be sideways so just pretend that I live in a sideways house, okay? All those dotty things are the magnets I like to make out of my bottle caps. I like magnets. I also like bottle caps. There's some rootbeer ones and grape soda ones and ONE lonely Smirnoff twisted one. I should drink more so it will have playmates. See the watering can? my bird is having a love affair with it.


I posted my old bird cage on craigslist for free, and if I had known then what I know now, I would have asked for money for it! wow! Oh well. too late for that!


Holy Bird Cage, Batman! Someone actually offered me money to be moved up on the list, but I said no, because that would be unethical.

This sounds sketchy.

I'm just sayin.


You know how it feels when you look forward to something all week long, and you're excited and a little nervous and you're all wound up about it...And then your plans fall through. I feel like that today. and even though I believe that all things happen for a reason and I trust that the Universe really does know what is better for me than I do, it's still quite a bit dissapointing when things don't turn out as planned.

Maybe I'll just go roller skate tonight since I wasn't able to make derby practice at all this week.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

There was something funny this morning,

but I got distracted.

Then I read an article at that brought back some memories. and you know when my memoriies are refreshed, I have to share.

a little bit of background on the article, in a nutshell. Two boys are at Boy Scout Camp and one of the troop leaders decides to show how diverse the religions are in the room. The children were to raise thier hands when thier faith was called. Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc. Two boys, brothers, did not raise their hands and when asked, one announced that he is Wiccan. the boys were kicked out, but the ruling was overturned. Some parents removed their boys from the group, said they would have preferred that the boys lie about thier faith. Others were concerned that the boys would preach to their sons. (You know, cuz they had been secretly undermining the religious upbringing of the other children all along)(the boys in question were 11 and 15.) the parents of the Wiccan boys have since applied to lead a group called Spiral Scouts, Wicca based, but open to all.

This is not the place where I lecture about understanding, and all that. Boy Scouts is faith based and a private group that holds the right, whether I agree with it or not. This is the place where I tell my story.

I joined a Girl Scout troop when I was in High School. As we started to do more and more things, we switched over to being a High Adventure Explorer Post (Explorers is a Boy Scout subsidiary) because we wanted to canoue and sail on our Hobie Cat (it was donated to us) and Girl Scout restrictions were higher. We already had lifeguards, GS wanted us to have instructors too. BS didn't. Since we were now Explorers, we went co-ed (which means that on this particular trip, I had a boyfriend with me and no, nothing happened. I didn't want to get caught fooling about even at 18 because Scouts was important and I was the troop president.)

Each year, the local BS Camp hosts Explorer Weekend. We went on this inaugural weekend. The theme, Midevil Times. We went in full rennisance regailia. My best friend and I had just henna'd our hair red. That first day, when we walked up, someone yelled from their tent, "Hey, Are you witches?" to which she replied (thinking nothing of it), "I'm not, but She is!", and she gestured towards me. The reply?

"Can we burn you at the stake?"

I yelled no and kept walking, but it kind of hurt. It was the ignorance of children, and, if I were that sort, I might have asked if I could crucify them first, but I'm not that kind of person and the thought didn't occur to me at the time. You see, the burning times were ugly. A lot of innocent people died. Some may have been witches, many were not. but dead is dead no matter what the reason and well, you certainly don't make jokes to Jews about the Holocaust. Or to Christians about the Roman Persecutions. (or the crucifixion)

I didn't mention it to my scout leader. she would have thrown a fit and there would have been a scene. And, I know now that since Boy Scouts is a Christian Club, I didn't have a leg to stand on. Will there always be ignorance? yeah. Will I always have to defend my beliefs? Heck yeah, you should have seen me try in those conversations with Athiest. I learned very quickly that he and I were not compatible simply because he wouldn't even accept that I could possibly believe anything that didn't fall under his idea of science and logic. he thought I was an absolute kook! I chose to continue to talk to him because I make it a point not tocut people off just because they don't agree with me.

That may have been the weekend when I first realized that perhaps it's not such a good idea to wear my faith like a banner across my chest.

and those boys from the story? All they will remember is that they were honest and ostracized for it, not by their peers who likely didn't know what Wicca was, but by the adults who might should have done a little research. As Sensei Ern has taught us, you can be a faithful Christian and still converse with witches.

Here's to tolerance.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Embarassing Moments

So, Last night I'm at work. and when I am at that work, my nose itches. a lot. it was a pretty slow night. cue momentary rush of people. my nose is itching like crazy, I'm ringing customers up and pulling thier pastries, itch itch (with my arn, not my hands), when I realize that all that itching has worked a booger loose. right up there in the front of my nose. As soon as the people were gone, I rushed off to the bathroom, realized I needed to take off my apron before I went in the bathroom, returned to the bathroom (where I can't actually take a bath, it's lacking a tub) where I discovered that the offending party was indeed big and green. thankfully, my coworkers had not noticed, so I can only hope the customers didn't either.

This morning I called our facilities director to give him some information. when he answered his phone, it was terribly echo-y. I turned to my boss and had the following conversation:

Me: Aw, it sounded like he was in the bathroom, it was all echo-y. (pause) I hope he was just making an inspection.

Boss: Blink, Blink. Grin.

At which point I covered my face in embarassment and we both started laughing. He proceeded to make fun of me and will be for the rest of the day. maybe my life.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Atheist is still trying

and apparently I helped him to need to include the following in his ad:

"I am not compatible with women who seriously believe in Jesus, life-after-death, souls, Heaven, prayer, astrology, psychic powers, ghosts, bio-energy fields, auras, Karma, or anything supernatural. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have a skeptical, scientific mind. "

giggle. sadly his scientific mind really is quite closed. I still maintain that there are things in this world that science cannot explain, and things that are real, like love, that cannot be recorded but are still real.

oh, and he also says this:

"The more you share my interests and qualities, the more I'll like you. But as a minimum, please be under 35, no kids, non-smoker, non-religious, and in-shape. People say opposites attract, but in my experience that is false. I cannot find a mate because everyone is so different from me."

giggle giggle. guess he's looking to fuck himself. or the female version. which is fine. after all, someone commented, aren't we all, and really we kinda are. in some ways. but to tell you the truth, I would NOT like to be with someone just like me. that's too much wackiness in one room.

He's a nice guy, and the only one that actually carried on conversations with me, so I give him a lot of credit. from the new picture he posted though, he needs to drop the moustache. It's just fun to poke fun because I "know" him.

Might be offensive...

But I was thinking the other day while watching a movie, How did Jewish people keep thier Yalmicas (spelling??) on their heads before the advent of Bobby Pins? I mean, I'd like to think that those wonderful little pins have always been around for my hair pinning needs, but I know that isn't true.

There was something else too, but I have forgotten what it was.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I was reading this blog:

and it reminded me of the music I grew up with.

Through most of my childhood, I, like any child listened to what my parents listened to. Pink Floyd. The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Donna Summer. Styx. Michael Jackson. or Whatever was on MTV, the cool channel with all the neat music videos like the Twisted Sister and ZZ Top ones. We moved and got rid of cable for the next 8 years or so. Then, I listened to what my sister listened to. Cyndie Lauper. Madonna. Whitney Houston (this was pre druggie Whitney. It's been sad to see her fall so far)El Debarge. The Bangles. Stacy Q. Debbie Gibson. Tiffany. my friends at school weren't into music, or at least we didn't talk about it, so when they named our study group Guns N Roses, I didn't have any idea what they were talking about. The whole New Kids on the Block craze was completely lost on me.

When I finally got to an age to start listening to what I wanted to hear, or at least start learning about popular music, we moved to a place with no radio reception. Since I didn't have any friends, I still was lost on the music scene. if you asked me what my favorite was, I would have told you Classical. That's what I knew since I was a (very bad) flute player when I was younger, and music was huge in my life. But the fundimentals, not the radio stuff. On a side note, I never went to band camp and I never did anything with my flute that would cause me to not want to put my mouth on it later. Ditto for the Clarinet, which I also played briefly.

In eighth grade my sister bought me my two first tapes. I got to pick them out. I chose Weird Al Yankovic (Even Worse) and Wilson Phillips. I listened to them on the stereo I somehow aquired that year. I also made a lasting friend. she introduced me to The Phantom of The Opera which I listed to so often my step dad thought there was something wrong with me. My freshman year got me a walkman for Christmas, I'm thinking because my parents didn't want to hear Phantom and soon Les Miserables any more.

My first CD was an Andrew Lloyd Webber collection. I still have it. It's in my car.

I have broadened my musical horizons. I listen now to just about everything. I wake up to classical and then turn to my favorite classic rock station. If I can sing to it, it's in my car. Jazz music yesterday replaced Disney songs from the day before. Or maybe it was Grease. I've collected all my favorites of yesteryear with all the things I discover today. Except Weird Al and Wilson Phillips. Those went away with the rest of my cassette tapes. Maybe today I'll listen to Janice Joplin or No Doubt or The Beatles or Miss Saigon or Linkin Park or The Bangles or...

Shut the window!

Last Friday night, at midnight, I learned that one of my nieghbors is a screamer. That night, I sat up in bed, yelled, "For the love of God!" and shut my window. I could no longer hear my neighbor, so I was able to go back to sleep. Sometime in the middle of last week, I opened my window again, since I like fresh air in my room.

Cinco De Mayo. A night for revelrie in my border town. I considered having a margarita, but knowing I had to be at work at 7 am Saturday morning, I decided against it. I went to bed at a reasonable time because I haven't been getting very much sleep lately.

11:50. I wake up. It appears they are at it again. I slam my window shut. I can still hear them. I figure, they can only do it for what, 10, 15 minutes? I mean that's about average, right? I start thinking about complaining to the management. I don't want to do that because I have already complained about vibrating neighbors and carpet beetles.

I consider writing a nastygram and going out in my robe to deliver it to all the neighbors in my little courtyard (since I don't know which one is actually the noisemaker) but it occurs to me that the older folks (and there are many) would not appriciate such a thing. Post a sign on a tree? Children in the complex.

I turn on my radio. Now I'm wired, and it's after midnight. I also cannot sleep with the radio on. I ponder why I am so angry. Ok, well, it's rude, I'm tired, and I discovered later, I had a rare case of PMS. also, I am bitter at the lack of similar activity in my world. I consider putting a sign in my bedroom window. Can you see it from the sidewalk? Maybe I should go look. hmm. (damnit, go to sleep) I could paint snarky remarks in the window...I turn off the radio. They're still at it, it's nearing 1 am. I head out to the couch where I know that the sound of the turtle tank will drown out the sound of them fucking.

I don't sleep well on the couch unless the TV is on and I am supposed to be awake. So I head back to my bedroom. I am now beyond awake and I lay there thinking about all the ways I can let them know they are out of line. All my passive agressive tendencies are in full force, but there is nothing I can do. I lay there and wonder if it's karma for all the good times I've had and I wonder how many of my old neighbors wanted to strangle me late at night. I never heard a window slam. In fact, I close windows, or used to back when sex was a part of my world. I ponder painting messages in my window. "Sounds like you have a stud, can I borrow him?" "Shut your window if you're going to scream like a banshee", "I don't want to listen to you fucking", nothing seems appropriate or useful.

6am arrived too soon. I can only pray that next weekend, when I am on the same Saturday Schedule, that I won't have another rude awakening.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A Coincedence? Maybe!

I was reading the news and I came accross this article.

During that same month, I wrote this post:

apparently, if you read the article, the rock started growing last November. Hmm.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I got lucky.

I wish I could tell you that it's what you are thinking, but this, my friends is the old fashioned "whew" (not woo woo) kind of lucky. the kind where prior to knowing you got lucky, a horrible sick feeling passes over your soul and the first thing you think is, "fuck".

Last night I walked out of derby practice and around the corner into the next parking lot because, although I practice at a large popular skating rink, the parking lot only has room for maybe 15 cars. The rink shares it's lot with several other businesses, so, I parked in the grocery lot next door.

Came out several hours later, and saw that my car trunk was open. all the way open. When I caught my heart again, I walked over and saw that nothing was missing, not even my sleeping bag (which is worth far more then the fax machine it's currently sharing the trunk with) The guy at the donut shop? told me he had kept his eye on my car all evening. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

In other bonehead news, not only did I put my sweater on inside out this morning, but I recently discovered that my underwear are inside out too. dangit.

Descriptions of me

There are many people who say to me, Gina, you are the busiest person I know. And while it might be an exaggeration to say I am the busiest (think of all those hardworking moms out there, they're way more busy than I, and, they're not even doing it for themselves (cue Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin.)) I will admit that I keep myself very well occupied.

there are many reasons for this.

I was raised that way. I remember my parents always being on the go and my mom, yeah, if you think I am busy, you should try catching her at home. Oh wait, you won't.

I don't believe in getting bored. So I find things to occupy my time.

There's so many great things to do in this wonderful world of ours, that I want to try it all!

Being busy makes me appriciate the quiet moments.

And the one I don't like to talk about? That's where the stuff I do fills that empty spot that would otherwise be occupied by someone special. I'm on the go so that I don't have to sit on the couch alone. I crawl in bed exhausted each night and fall asleep before I can miss having someone to snuggle with, even if I can't do it while I am sleeping, it's still nice to have someone there. I love my life, I wouldn't want to settle for the wrong man just to have someone to talk to. And truly, I have SO MUCH. But I don't feel the need to be out all the time when I'm not sitting at home alone.

Perhaps that is the reason I have been trying out the whole personal ad thing. I was hoping that someone like me would come up and HOORAY! but what I found was not men looking for a woman like me, I found the ones who wanted someone like them. Or they just wanted to screw around. Basically, they wanted to fuck themselves. Hee, hee.

Oh well. Off to another adventure. Tonight? After I run up to the florist to drop off the bigger, smellier soaps, I'll be going home. I need to clean my room and my kitchen. I need to make soap. Vacuume. clean the office, do some laundry, put laundry away.Maybe I will watch TV and knit, or play with the imprinter, or weave or...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I think I am glad I

came to the conclusion about Atheist because:

this sounds a lot like him.

Another Wednesday


Hoo Ha still bruised, you can't see the bruising. I can just feel it. you know, when I sit down and stuff.
I seem to have pulled the muscles in my inner thighs perfecting the T stop. I still cannot T stop. Time though. give me time.


Drooled coffee onto my shirt during a meeting. Then my chicken went flying at lunch and I got BBQ sauce on my shirt. Right next to the coffee stain.


My parents are looking at buying property with a Granny Flat. Actually, the Granny Flat is a trailer. I will go with them to look at it today. I don't want to live in a trailer, but my lovely apartment was not the best financial decision I ever made. You know what I mean?


Spoke with atheist on the phone last night. He seems nice, but I'm thinking we are not compatible. Philosophy aside, I am an active/outside girl, he's a chess and piano player. I like chess and the piano, but he got worn out just talking to me. I don't think he could keep up with me in a kayak.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ooh. I said that!

Maybe I'm getting ballsier.

But I actually said this, "I mean, I want to see you happy, but it would suck to have you go"

It was a lot harder to do than you would think.

I bruised my what?

First Derby practice. I bruised my pubic bone. I hadn't realized it stuck out that far but apparently, if you slam your pelvis into the floor hard enough, it's possible for that to connect. Sadly, that's one of those things you can't grab hold of or rub like you can when you bruise an elbow or a knee. Cuz, you know, that's naughty. Which would be great you you guys, I'm sure, but really? not lady like.

I learned something yesterday from Bug Guy who is still on a quest to find me a husband (This quest has lasted 2 years now, with that short break when I was with T) and apparently, the guys he talks to want to know what is wrong with me that I am 28, unmarried, no kids.

Um, How about I'm too smart to settle, and too smart to procreate before I am ready? I mean I know that sometimes birth control fails, that is not what I am talking about, what I am saying is that I have made a concious decision to avoid divorce by waiting until I know better what I want in a man (and not sticking with the ones that are wrong for me) and I have remained childless because I choose to. (and thankfully my birth control has not failed me) Some women choose to go around having babies all over the place, I didn't. and that, apparently makes me undesireable. Wow.

I like my plan better.didn't want to date those idiots anyway.

Meanwhile, there is a high possibility that T will indeed move to Alabama, and that makes me weepy. But I won't tell him that.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Worked a lot this weekend. Didn't know a sunday morning at harbucks would be so hectic (duh).

In contact with a guy from the personals. Had an all day conversation about religious philosophy. He's Atheist. interesting.

Here's a meme I found on Spinning Girl.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Every truly happy moment is perfect

What is your greatest fear? Hmm. When I figure it out. I'll let you know

What vehicles do you own?A sporty little mini-SUV

What is your greatest extravagance?Lately it's plants for my garden

What is your most unappealing habit?undies. on the floor. Maybe it's not putting away my laundry.

What is your most treasured possession?my family

Where would you like to live? I'm happy where I am

What makes you depressed?wasteful living and unwanted children

What do you most dislike about your appearance?little baggies under my eyes

Who would play you in a movie of your life?Scarlett Johanson.

What is your favourite smell? Me. You know, that smell on your pillows. Everyone has a smell.

What is your favourite word?mmm. fuck.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Snuggling up on the couch watching movies all night.

What, or who, is the greatest love of your life? Que??

What is your greatest regret? I was once invited into the Elephant pen at the Wild Animal Park I was afraid the elephants would step on me, so I said no. Now I understand that I would be more likely to step on them. and I missed the chance of a lifetime to interact with those wonderful beasts.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life? I have so much...

What keeps you awake at night?money issues.

What song would you like played at your funeral Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

How would you like to be remembered?fondly. As a great lady.