Monday, May 08, 2006


I was reading this blog:

and it reminded me of the music I grew up with.

Through most of my childhood, I, like any child listened to what my parents listened to. Pink Floyd. The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Donna Summer. Styx. Michael Jackson. or Whatever was on MTV, the cool channel with all the neat music videos like the Twisted Sister and ZZ Top ones. We moved and got rid of cable for the next 8 years or so. Then, I listened to what my sister listened to. Cyndie Lauper. Madonna. Whitney Houston (this was pre druggie Whitney. It's been sad to see her fall so far)El Debarge. The Bangles. Stacy Q. Debbie Gibson. Tiffany. my friends at school weren't into music, or at least we didn't talk about it, so when they named our study group Guns N Roses, I didn't have any idea what they were talking about. The whole New Kids on the Block craze was completely lost on me.

When I finally got to an age to start listening to what I wanted to hear, or at least start learning about popular music, we moved to a place with no radio reception. Since I didn't have any friends, I still was lost on the music scene. if you asked me what my favorite was, I would have told you Classical. That's what I knew since I was a (very bad) flute player when I was younger, and music was huge in my life. But the fundimentals, not the radio stuff. On a side note, I never went to band camp and I never did anything with my flute that would cause me to not want to put my mouth on it later. Ditto for the Clarinet, which I also played briefly.

In eighth grade my sister bought me my two first tapes. I got to pick them out. I chose Weird Al Yankovic (Even Worse) and Wilson Phillips. I listened to them on the stereo I somehow aquired that year. I also made a lasting friend. she introduced me to The Phantom of The Opera which I listed to so often my step dad thought there was something wrong with me. My freshman year got me a walkman for Christmas, I'm thinking because my parents didn't want to hear Phantom and soon Les Miserables any more.

My first CD was an Andrew Lloyd Webber collection. I still have it. It's in my car.

I have broadened my musical horizons. I listen now to just about everything. I wake up to classical and then turn to my favorite classic rock station. If I can sing to it, it's in my car. Jazz music yesterday replaced Disney songs from the day before. Or maybe it was Grease. I've collected all my favorites of yesteryear with all the things I discover today. Except Weird Al and Wilson Phillips. Those went away with the rest of my cassette tapes. Maybe today I'll listen to Janice Joplin or No Doubt or The Beatles or Miss Saigon or Linkin Park or The Bangles or...

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Sensei Ern said...

We share many tastes in music.

I like a few Bangles, a couple Janis Joplin, one or two Eagles...but I have become very eclectic in my choices of music.
some how, my choices of genre have been in reverse of their introduction, and I think it started when disco arrived.

I went from Devo, Blondie, and Fleetwood Mack to Ozark Mountain Daredevils and Deep Purple.

From there, I went to late Beatles and CCR, to The Beach Boys.

My tastes stalled at Surf Music, and Jan & Dean, the Ventures, and the Surfaris all captured my attention and still hold it. THe Beach Boys kind of dropped off my top list, but I really do like their car songs.

Dick Dale is King, and his music will stay on top of my list.

However, I went back further and rockabilly caught my eye. I do like a lot of it, and I enjoy seeing Brian Setzer bring it back some.

Then, I went into blues. Specifically Delta Blues. The ones where the sound is extremely primitive. I even have one blues song where the only instrument is a prisoner chopping wood to set the rhythm.

That song goes,
"(CHOP) Noooo moooore...
(CHOP) My Lord...
(CHOP) Nooo moore...
(CHOP) Myy Lord...
(CHOP) I aint never...
(CHOP)Turning back...
(CHOP) No-oo more...

WHo knows, by the time I turn 80, I'll be listening to two cave men smack rocks together. "UGH! UGH! UGH! (CLACK)!"

unnjcd: when a Japanese assassin starts sneezing.."What sickness you got?" "Unnjcd(a ninja cold)"