Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crap. I didn't think of that

I got a notice in the mail today from the CA DMV. Apparently, my registration has been suspended.

Here's the thing. I have been putting off switching over to NV plates because I had JUST registered my car when I moved. Then I was going to get it taken care of and I got fired. I am still waiting for my first paycheck. I will have to get the car smogged and registered. These things cost money.

I no longer have the kind of job where I can leave a little early to take care of business.


Regardless, it will get cleared up this week. Sigh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, I get home from Cowboy's house to find a note that says that Poo has flown south for the weekend. All the lights and TV are on and his truck is still in it's spot.

I think, he must have taken a cab or rode down with Boy Roomie (who moved back today without saying goodbye) I think, he must have left everything on for Baby. He doesn't like leaving her alone in the dark.

So I figure, SWEET! I got the house to myself. I saunter into the bathroom nakid. I'm singin in the shower. I'm chattin to myself.

I get out of the shower and someone knocks on the door.

I grabbed my towel and walk into the kitchen. Apparently Poo is still home (leaving in the morning) and I am very weird. And he doesn't want to talk about it (what WAS I saying to myself in that bathroom for goodness sake?) And go to bed because I'm driving him nuts.

I don't know what I did.

I really need my own place.

Things to do in Reno


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After Shower conversations and Happy HNT

I mentioned in that chat area of the show tonight that I had particularly fine cleavage today. So I took a picture. But no one said, "oh yeah? let's see!" so since it is particularly marvelous, happy HNT.

In the meantime, I had the following conversation with Poo.

Me: Goodnight Poo!

Poo: GASP! goodnight.

Me: Did I scare you again? (I startle Poo every time I walk into the room. I am not exactly quiet)

Poo: yeah

Me: you spend too much time alone.

BTW, during the radio show, there was an "earthquake" in my apartment. I am pretty sure (now) that it was the washing machine's spin cycle shaking my room and not an actual earthquake. You know. in hindsight and AFTER I made a spectacle of myself.

And yes. I am. Goodnight!


ok, someone found me by searching earwax lip balm and up, eew. I am NOT kissing you!

What a wonderful time!

I had a wonderful time on the Jestertunes Radio show! I will post the podcast tomorrow. We talked about Pudding wrestling, the Socktopus, and Roller Derby!

as well as our experiences with internet dating.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Guess who's going to be a guest on the Jestertunes Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow night at 7 pm PST????

Monday, March 24, 2008

My first day

Today was the first day of my new job. I made an impression of the usual sort.

It all started, I think, when I went to bed last night. I didn't sleep. I tried to sleep. I just didn't. So when my alarm went off this morning, I didn't fight getting up. (I HATE getting up in the morning.)

It bears mentioning that I was dog sitting all weekend so I didn't have a whole lot of options when it comes to the next phase of my story.

I slid into my new clothes. Pants first, as usual. They were SEVERAL sizes too large. Several. This is what happens when you try on one pair at the store and then buy several others in the same size without trying them on. I didn't have a belt. I didn't have a safety pin. I tried to borrow one but there weren't any. I didn't have any other pants other than the jeans I wore the day before. I was told that I would be best in Business Casual. My polo shirt was the only thing holding my pants up when I arrived at work.

On the way, I debated stopping for a belt. Pins. Anything. But I didn't want to risk being late on my first day. I was 15 minutes early.

I arrived to find everyone in jeans. I asked my boss if I could change into my other pants. He looked a bit confused, (who wears ill fitting pants?) but was okay with it. I explained that I didn't leave from my house that morning-because I was dog sitting ("oh. dog sitting" says he)

Once I was in my well fitting jeans I was much happier. I only have to pull them up sometimes. I've lost 8 pounds since I moved here. Three since I was fired. I love what not eating casino food and skating is doing for me.

The rest of my day went really well. People are very nice. I fear that working there will be bad for my pet habit, especially when they have adoption day, but I remind myself that I am more likely to consider the long term cost of pet ownership, or, as the company says, pet parenting.

4:30 rolled around and I packed up to go. But where are my keys? I left them in the bathroom when I changed my pants. They were not in the bathroom anymore. I was not as embarrassed as I thought I would be when they announced the following on the PA:

"Anyone who has seen a set of keys with a pig on them please call extension #XXXX. That's a set of keys with a pink pig on them"

I continued to look for them. Loudly. I'm not very good at subtle. One of the office type men folk overheard and indicated that he had my keys but that I would need to describe them.

"They have a pink pig on them that goes *snort snort snort snort*" (yes. I made snorting noises at my new coworkers.)

One looked at me funny. "How does that go?"

*snort snort snort snort*

I got my keys back. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Times are a changin

Spoke with Poo about the future just now, and it looks like he'll be giving notice when he pays rent. Which means I am on the hunt for temporary place. I'm going to check first with my current complex, I guess they have some studio apartments that they rent out. That way I would be able to keep my garage storage. As soon as I settle into the job, I'll figure the finances and get into a house, so this will only be a temporary solution.

It's a little bit exciting, a little bit scary. I know it's gonna be a lotta bit just fine.

Stuff to do in Reno


Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good point, really

So, I discovered today that I've been blogging for 3 years and have had over 20,000 hits. Suddenly, I feel like I have hit some sort of milestone.

In other News, Cowboy pointed something out that I really can't deny.

That if I am to work in Patrick, I probably should let the house in Cold Springs go. It would be about 60 miles one way to work. Sure, freeway all the way. But really? Gas is at 4 bucks a gallon.

4 bucks a gallon.

My income at the new job will be considerably lower than I am used to. I haven't made this little in what? 6 years? Not that my new salary is anything to sneeze at, it's just lower, that's all.

So, I may have to swallow my pride and think about moving to Fernley. Yeah, that's where the levee recently broke and flooded the town. shit. Never mind, I don't care if the houses are 50 thousand dollars less. I don't want to live in Ferntuckey. That would put me 45 minutes from anything interesting. 45 minutes is a long time.

But I do think he's right. It's one thing to love a house and another to be silly about it.

In other news, there was a big 'ole blow out this evening going on when I returned in which Poo took back the truck, cancelled the phone, and Clint went tumbling down the stairs. No, he wasn't pushed. I told Poo that I'm glad he finally had enough.

Happy HNT!

I forgot to mention the part last night where the janitor said he would be my stalker if he were not married. That creeped me out more than a bit.

The thing of it is...

That every so often I start attracting men. I am, like the rest of my family, a dork magnet. (That announcement made Cowboy say, "Hey!" I wouldn't call him a dork really, but there has to be an element of such or I likely wouldn't be interested. He, on the other hand, attracts Single Moms. I am an exception of course)

The dorks I speak of are like the infamous janitor at the rink who told me once that if he weren't married, he'd be chasing after me. Then he said that if he had all his teeth, you'd never know he is over 50. Today he was openly talking about my butt (My own fault, really, for telling him that I would not like a root beer because it makes my butt big) But oh man, if he weren't married, and oh, don't worry, flirting with me just keeps him from cheating on his wife. Blink, Blink. I'm not sure what gives him the idea that I would date him other than the fact that I answer back when he speaks to me.

Or the fellas on myspace without their shirts on. Who think I should date them. It's true that I met Cowboy online. And that seems to be working pretty well. But I also met Biker Bob online. and that wasn't so good. For either of us.

Or the man who was lurking outside the fabric store today. He told me jokes until I reached the craft store next door. Then he wandered off. This wasn't a pick up, I just attract the crazies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A rare mention

Every so often, while reading Perez Hilton, I come across something that makes me sad.

Perez reports today that Dame Maggie Smith is being treated for breast cancer.

She's no spring chicken.

Cancer takes a lot out of you.

I can only hope that she pulls through because I enjoy her movies so. And NOT just the Harry Potter series. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Hook. Becoming Jane.

She was in Clash of the Titans for goodness sake.

Dame Maggie, I'm rootin for ya.

Monday, March 17, 2008

More fun than a barrel of monkeys

I have been on a monkey kick. After my mom adopted the last one, I pulled a pair of socks to make this one. In an amazing display of focus, I finished her in 1 evening. By focus I mean that I only stopped periodically to surf the net, eat dinner, chat with Poo, send a text...

She's really quite fun, actually, with sculpted butt cheeks (which I didn't figure would come out in the picture) and her slight crookedness. Hand made. It happens.

Poo says should sell them, and I do have plans to adopt them out on my website which should be back up in the next couple of days even if I am not back in business yet.

However, I feel like things will be back to normal again soon and as soon as I have a place of my own, I am confident that I will be producing soap again. I'll let you know, too, when the site is back up and running (It's up, just not where I want it to be). I will have yarn for sale right away, and whatever soap I have left in stock. And sometimes, maybe, just maybe, a monkey or two.


Yup. Employed. As of next Monday. About 10 minutes after I filed for unemployment. But I'm still going to collect for last week and this. Because I need the income. And then? YAY! It's not as much money as I had hoped, but I think I will really like this one. And that's worth more money than I can count. How nice it will be to wake up and want to go to work every day. It's as an administrative assistant for a major pet supply company. I like pet supplies. AND I like to shop with this company so, HOORAY! A JOB! WHEE! Took my pee test today. Poo assured me that my minor inhalations a couple of weeks ago shouldn't hurt me, that you have to intentionally inhale concentrated amounts for it to show up. I am still a little nervous, but I'm pretty darn sure I will be okay.
The company will be starting me out in HR at first, to help them and get me in there. In a month or so I will move into my permanent position. As per usual, I won't give any gory work details. (sorry bout that. I worry about getting caught and fired) Regardless, this is definitely a good thing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, Poo says I should file for unemployment, something I have not done because I am prideful.

I just tried to via internet but because I worked in CA part of last year, I can't do that. Which means I have to call them. Which makes me want to cry. So I am blogging instead.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Had an interview today. Hooray! The job would be fantastic. I am hoping they pay enough, and that they hire me. He definitely wants me in for a second interview. Pray.

Handyman work is going well. At least it's income and I am enjoying myself, even if I cannot kneel.

The bruises on my knees are healing and I fully expect to be able to skate again next week. The one on my hand, which you do not have a picture of, has spread from the fleshy part of my thumb around to the top of my first metacarpal. It doesn't hurt, but it's ugly. Wear your PPEs folks. I need to remember to start taking my vitamins again.

Had an encounter this evening that reminded me to keep my eyes wide open and my head on strait. No, it wasn't creepy or dangerous, no I don't want to discuss it, just know that I made a mental note.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The promised photos. But first...

Got a call from my dad today. I figured he would call before too long. It's been what, a month since I last heard from him? Maybe two since I was fired three weeks ago. He usually flips back and forth between Seester and I, asking for money. He hit her last.

So I get this call, and it's Daddy (a little strange because the woman who's house I have been working on asked me about my dad today. I told her the usual answer. He's alive, as far as I know). Apparently he's put in 35 applications over the last week and hasn't heard a thing. I explained that I am jobless too right now. Still skating like crazy, that I love it, but no job.

He didn't ask what I meant about skating. I doubt he even knows about Derby. I mean, he knows what it is, of course, but I don't think he knows I do it. He just got off the phone. Limited minutes, you know (on a "private" number? aren't those usually land lines? I still have a San Diego number. hmmm). I wished him well.

Meanwhile, I took pictures of my injuries, which really don't do them justice, but I think you'll get the idea.

Monday, March 10, 2008

In the words of me infamous grandmother (the dead one)

Aw, Shit.

We had the Skate for Bri event tonight and it went off with only one small hitch! Some kid knocked me down. No pads. Pictures when the bruise finishes developing. It's pretty swollen. I'm not used to being swollen. And I have rink rash. Fishnet pattern.

I feel like a "real" derby girl...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy HNT!

I skipped practice tonight, partially to listen to Jestertunes on blogtalkradio, but mostly because damnit, I am tired. Today I spent most of my day pulling ceramic tile out of a shower (drywall too). Add that to my exhaustion from last night's practice and my slightly sore ankle, and I decided to leave it for a night.

SO I made myself a big cup of mint chocolate cocoa. Happy HNT

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In which the cure is far worse than the injury

One thing I didn't do that I should have when I sprained my ankle two years ago is ice. I know I should have, and that I would have healed faster, but I didn't and that's that.

So tonight when I hit the wall wrong (what ever happened to my stopping skills? jeez!) and tweaked my ankle, I knew it was important to get myself home and soak in ice so that I can be back at the rink tomorrow.

So I filled up my bucket (I love buckets) with ice water and stuck my foot in. And discovered a whole new type of pain. I discovered the kind of pain that makes me want to bite a bullet. I discovered a kind of pain that makes me want to scream just to release some of the built up pressure.

I'm a puss, I can only soak for a couple of seconds at a time. My foot is numb and red. My sweatshirt has bite marks.

But I kept up with the big girls tonight. Mostly. Actually, speed-wise, I am almost equal. It's the tricks (like turning around to the left) and getting hit where I falter. And I really need to get over that. Like our coaches say, that's why we wear pads.

fuckin cold water...

Mean silver lining

If Poo takes a position in Sacramento, he will move. Which means I will move. I don't really want to move right now unless it is into my house because despite my current case of hiccups, all the wrinkles got ironed out and everything worked out for the best.

I am already mentally preparing myself for the idea of living with a roommate and changing into a different storage unit.

I realized tonight though, that if Poo moves to Sacramento, I won't have to deal with Clint anymore. He won't be drunk in my home, talking loud until all hours of the night.

It's a mean silver lining. But a silver lining nonetheless.

Things to Do in Reno

More things to do in Reno!

Skate for Brianna Denison-Things to Do in Reno, NV

On Monday March 10th, the Reno Roller Girls are hosting a charity skate event to benefit Secret Witness, the folks providing reward money for the capture of Brianna Denison's killer. Since there's a possibility that someone in Reno might read this blog, I'm posting the flier. I think the girls got it covered on MySpace.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Resetting my faith in people

A couple of posts ago, I discussed how Cowboy made me a very generous offer of helping me get a new massage table and relaunching me back into the healing arts field. If you remember, there were a lot of Buts in the way. Too many.

Then I got another offer. One that I would be foolish to refuse. Heather informed me that there was a monster under her bed that had my name on it. She was giving this to me because every so often, she wishes for something on her blog and people come through. She was filling my massage void.


I called her, we chatted (she's super nice) and discussed how the transfer would go from Texas to Reno. The information would come in as soon as her husband came home to help her move the bed.

Today I got a message. Mice. She felt really bad. But, this little situation helped to remind me that there are good people out there. People that will be nice to you just for the sake of being nice. Her wonderful generous offer helped restore my faith in humanity.

That's an even bigger gift.

I cannot thank her enough.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Do you think?

Do you think John Malcovich knows he's a bit creepy? I think he definitely has to have a good sense of humor about himself or he would not have played himself in "Being John Malcovich" and I am really enjoying his quotes on IMDB. But I am often struck when watching movies with him; just how dang creepy and especially sinister he can be.

While researching him a little (very little) though, for this post which came to me while I was popping in on "In the Line of Fire" (hey, I had shorts to re-con into a skirt and a monkey to start. Who has time for stressful movies?) I cam to appreciate him as a man. The following are quotes I shamelessly stole from IMDB (with comments, of course!):

"I wasn't really raised to be the type of person to have doubts." Hey! me either! Cool!

"I've always felt that if you can't make money as an actor, you`re either incredibly stupid or tragically unlucky." pfft. hee hee. Actors are quite crazy...

Amazingly, I came away from this post with a higher appreciation for John as an individual. He's still creepy.

"I'm drawn to a character with a lack of humanity. People give reasons for being cruel or sadistic but I think it is just a lack of humanity and concern for others. I think I'm good at them because I don't like them. Audiences are attracted to them but I hate them. It's strange." - On why he enjoys playing evil characters. Oh. Okay. At least he has a reason. hmm.

The subject comes up periodically

It's amazing to me how difficult it can be to avoid illegal substances.

Last night, the derby girls had a slumber party. It was a great time. Full of drinking and eating and the watching off Rollergirls. and drinking. And Pot.

EEK! Aside from my personal issues with the substance, something I try and keep to myself unless asked, I generally have jobs that prohibit this kind of activity. I am rather paranoid about being around it because it is not worth it to me to lose out on a job because of second hand smoke. In the situation I'm in now, I have hopes every day of having an interview and hopes that that interview will lead to a test and a job. Testing positive could ruin a lot of stuff for me.

So last night, as soon as the scent hit my nose, I removed myself to the living room. I might be wrong in my assumption, but I generally think that if I can't smell it, I'm not breathing it. The lady of the house overheard me talking to another girl who does not imbibe, and promised to remove themselves tot her room. I thanked her. I don't want to be a poop, I don't want to try and tell a person what they can and cannot do in their home. That's not my business.

This morning though, I smelled the familiar aroma. I tried to turn my head, I tried to breathe through my blanket as I was folding it. I did my best not to inhale. I finally cracked the door. I made sure I took a load out to my car right then. The man of the house was done by the time I returned.

I hope I was not obnoxious. I understand that it was nice for them to be able light up whenever, where ever because the kids were gone for the night. I hope they understood that I am not judging them for their lifestyle choice. I am a little confused as to why a person would refuse to smoke cigarettes in their house but not pot. Whatever, not my business. Not my house. I do keep smelling it though. I think it's stuck in my sinuses. I hope that doesn't mean it's detectable in my system. After all, I didn't inhale by choice. Somehow, I don't think a potential employer would care about that.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Decent Proposal

Cowboy brought something up today.

He asked if I ever thought about massaging again. I told him that I do think about it sometimes, you know, on the side, easy money, but I don't have a table anymore.

He asked how much that would cost me, and I explained that a table like the ones I had before (which were top of the line for portables) are upwards of $500.

"You know, I could help you with that"

Blink. Blink.

He understood when I told him that I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. I don't like to owe anyone. We're alike that way, you see.

But it's in my head now.

4 clients at $70, and I just made the same amount as what I made working all week with the handyman. And I could easily do both. I could make back that investment very quickly. Two 6 hour Saturdays and I have made back his investment plus sheets and oil with profit.


While we are increasingly comfortable with each other, he is not my boyfriend. (even if he were, I would hesitate) I consider what we have a very delicate matter. I would bend over backwards to repay him and give him free massages on top of it, but.

It's tempting, but.

So many buts...