Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good point, really

So, I discovered today that I've been blogging for 3 years and have had over 20,000 hits. Suddenly, I feel like I have hit some sort of milestone.

In other News, Cowboy pointed something out that I really can't deny.

That if I am to work in Patrick, I probably should let the house in Cold Springs go. It would be about 60 miles one way to work. Sure, freeway all the way. But really? Gas is at 4 bucks a gallon.

4 bucks a gallon.

My income at the new job will be considerably lower than I am used to. I haven't made this little in what? 6 years? Not that my new salary is anything to sneeze at, it's just lower, that's all.

So, I may have to swallow my pride and think about moving to Fernley. Yeah, that's where the levee recently broke and flooded the town. shit. Never mind, I don't care if the houses are 50 thousand dollars less. I don't want to live in Ferntuckey. That would put me 45 minutes from anything interesting. 45 minutes is a long time.

But I do think he's right. It's one thing to love a house and another to be silly about it.

In other news, there was a big 'ole blow out this evening going on when I returned in which Poo took back the truck, cancelled the phone, and Clint went tumbling down the stairs. No, he wasn't pushed. I told Poo that I'm glad he finally had enough.

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Sensei Ern said...

Don't get too concerned about living 45 minutes from anything to do. Think about this:

You spend 60 minutes getting ready, drive at least 15 minutes no matter where you go. You spend 20 minutes looking for a parking space.

The 30 extra minutes are not really all that much to fret over, considering that you go out once or twice a week. Just plan an extra half hour into preparing. I can tell you from personal experience, you'll arrive 15 minutes earlier than if you lived local.

Compare that with the time you spend on the road each day going to work.

Besides, not all of Ferngully was washed away, else there would not be a town. Just find out which homes were not touched and get one of them.

Not telling you what to do, just offering advice.

An added benefit, you will have more time to work on crafts.