Monday, March 10, 2008

In the words of me infamous grandmother (the dead one)

Aw, Shit.

We had the Skate for Bri event tonight and it went off with only one small hitch! Some kid knocked me down. No pads. Pictures when the bruise finishes developing. It's pretty swollen. I'm not used to being swollen. And I have rink rash. Fishnet pattern.

I feel like a "real" derby girl...


Gretta James said...

ouchy ouch ouch

Gretta x

Sensei Ern said...

"Pictures when the bruise finishes developing."

Are you aware how many guys are hoping you bruised your bottom? ;-)

aufoe: gold oxidation

BrattyDuke said...

my dear, you are the epitome of "real" derby girl!

Chickie said...

Ouch! You are a real derby girl!

Ginamonster said...

Gretta, there will be more whining later.

Sensei, you'll just have to find out!

Bratty, Thanks! funny thing, I feel the exact same about you!

Chickie, thanks!