Thursday, March 20, 2008

The thing of it is...

That every so often I start attracting men. I am, like the rest of my family, a dork magnet. (That announcement made Cowboy say, "Hey!" I wouldn't call him a dork really, but there has to be an element of such or I likely wouldn't be interested. He, on the other hand, attracts Single Moms. I am an exception of course)

The dorks I speak of are like the infamous janitor at the rink who told me once that if he weren't married, he'd be chasing after me. Then he said that if he had all his teeth, you'd never know he is over 50. Today he was openly talking about my butt (My own fault, really, for telling him that I would not like a root beer because it makes my butt big) But oh man, if he weren't married, and oh, don't worry, flirting with me just keeps him from cheating on his wife. Blink, Blink. I'm not sure what gives him the idea that I would date him other than the fact that I answer back when he speaks to me.

Or the fellas on myspace without their shirts on. Who think I should date them. It's true that I met Cowboy online. And that seems to be working pretty well. But I also met Biker Bob online. and that wasn't so good. For either of us.

Or the man who was lurking outside the fabric store today. He told me jokes until I reached the craft store next door. Then he wandered off. This wasn't a pick up, I just attract the crazies.

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Gretta James said...

Oh hun. You're not alone I attract them to.

Gretta x