Monday, March 03, 2008

Resetting my faith in people

A couple of posts ago, I discussed how Cowboy made me a very generous offer of helping me get a new massage table and relaunching me back into the healing arts field. If you remember, there were a lot of Buts in the way. Too many.

Then I got another offer. One that I would be foolish to refuse. Heather informed me that there was a monster under her bed that had my name on it. She was giving this to me because every so often, she wishes for something on her blog and people come through. She was filling my massage void.


I called her, we chatted (she's super nice) and discussed how the transfer would go from Texas to Reno. The information would come in as soon as her husband came home to help her move the bed.

Today I got a message. Mice. She felt really bad. But, this little situation helped to remind me that there are good people out there. People that will be nice to you just for the sake of being nice. Her wonderful generous offer helped restore my faith in humanity.

That's an even bigger gift.

I cannot thank her enough.


Gretta James said...

That is soooo cool

Gretta x

Ginamonster said...

I thought so too!

rebturtle said...

Mice? They give messages? Talk about outsourcing labor......