Friday, August 06, 2010

A prayer

Dear, dear universe.

Last night was a tough night for cheese and I. we were both very tired. And it's really hot out. Even with the ceiling fan on. And the little fan he brought over was really loud so I had to get out of bed and turn it off and wake up Cheese.  I was so tired but my brain was on and my body was twitchy and it was hot so I had to get out of bed and take a half muscle relaxer and drink some water then crawl back in bed and wake up Cheese.Then the dogs played (I'm dog sitting) and licked themselvs and and for goodness sake panted for like, I don't know, an hour or something before I put them and their jingling dog tags out of the room.
Then as soon as I was in a nice deep sleep, someone started barking and they had to come back in. But now that he started, Chango had to woof for a bit before he finally quieted down and I was able to toss and turn my way into dreamland again before BARK!!
(holy crap are you serious?)
He had a crappy day, did Cheese, complete with a beer spill and a few wrong ways. I did pretty good but once he was gone, I slept for awhile since i don't have to be out of bed until three and a half hours after he is up and what do you know, the critters were quiet.

But please, oh universe, let the dogs sleep quiet tonight.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Horses and weaving and crafts O MY!

This weekend was awesome.

It started out with two of the friendliest, silliest horses I think I have ever met nibbling at my hands at the gas station as we set off on a journey this weekend.

Then, I got to take a little tour of Gilmore Looms. The owners were SUPER nice and shared not only the wonderful collection of handmade looms and other fibery goodness, but also the workshop, which runs some of the oldest working woodoworking tools I have every had the opportunity to witness. It was an amazing sight. Cheese had to practically drag me out of there. I said good bye to my 8 harness floor loom while there, it will go to a new home in Maine where it will recived far more love and use than I was able to give. In exchange for me driving it the 3 hours to Stockton, my new friend Dr E will send me a simpler loom, which I hope to make lots of woven treasures upon.

We then headed off to San Fransico to the Renegade Craft Faire which we had to go back to Sunday but that was just fine since I was able to pick up some fibery goodness from Traveling Rhinos. The owner? was the only person at the Faire I actually stopped to have a conversation with. We geeked out together over our love of spinning. I really enjoyed talking to her. I also picked up a couple of mugs from Skeletal Dropkick. I love to drink (everything) from handmade pottery and hers was especially fun and reasonably priced. I can't wait to make myself a caramel cappiccino! Too bad I can't drink out of more than one mug at a time!!

I also met Cheese's Father and (hopefully) future step mom this weekend. they were super nice and very hospitable. I think I found a soul sister in Grace (she is my kind of silly)  and common ground with his dad. At least I hope so.

It was a good weekend.