Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Customer Service

in the wake of the latest Pear yPhone offering, my phone company offered its customers a generous buyback option with purchase.

as Pie works for said company, she made sure that i knew about it and, being a good sister, reminded me that the deal ended today.

for reasons unknown to you and also because I forgot, I'm lazy, and I'm a procrastinator, I waited until this evening to drag my happy ass a whole mile to the phone store.

Now, I am in customer service AND I recently turned over a new attitude leaf (again) so I bounced my way into the store with a happy smile and a phone just about ready to be turned over.

i mentioned the deal. The girl's face fell, and in a small voice she informed me that they were out of phones. so was everyone else in town and no, I could not take a rain check on the generous deal.

the look in her eye and on her face told me a story. it told me that she spends a lot of time getting yelled at.

it reminded me of the time i asked an ex boyfriend's daughter if she spilled water on the carpet and she cringed. she shrunk away as if i was going to hit her. more upset over her reaction than I ever could be about water on the floor, I sent her back to her business (of happily and quietly playing in the dog kennel). i never want to see another child cower in my home.

this girl, behind the counter, she gets abused every day. people come in, expecting the world, and blaming her if they can't get it. i suspect that they beg, cajole, and throw tantrums when they don't get what they want.

i smiled at her and told her it wasn't a big deal. she apologized. i told her it was my fault, and really no big deal. she apologized. i told her it wasn't her fault that I procrastinate, give her the biggest smile i had, and walked out the door.

because there isn't a fancy phone on earth that is worth making someone feel shitty. but for some, the latest gadget is worth more  than another person's self worth.

that's not a person that i want to be.