Monday, January 29, 2007

I still got it

It might have been ten years since I last made it, but I just put away a damn good tuna casserole. And by put away, I mean that I ate more than plenty and there is still several meals worth inthe fridge.

In other matters, an old friend of mine got married, so I discovered via myspace. He's one of the ones that i "lost" due to my aversion to Pot. It makes me sad. We've known each other since we were 15. And because I said he couldn't smoke it at y house, we are no longer speaking. In his defense, ther was only one person I know (other than his wife) in the pictures I saw, and that would be the other friend I lost due to my aversion to Pot. Those who say it's no big deal, those who say it's harmless have never said goodbye after half a lifetime of friendship. Have never watched as friends choose the drug over good steady well paying jobs that would support their growing families. This friend's new wife told me once that she would only change one thing about him. His dependance on pot. But since he is unbearbly grumpy without it, she lives with it. And that makes me sad. But it is the life she has chosen. I hope that I never compromise that for myself.

I sent her a message, congratulating her on her nuptuals and incomming child. I have not heard from her. That also makes me sad.

In other, other news, new crush out of the coffee shop. We shall call him either Officer Yummy, or Officer Hottypants (thanks joolie jootastic!) depending on my mood. There won't be very many stories as he is an officer of the law and cannot often come in during duty. But he's nice to look at, has a good job, and, is highly unlikely to be indulging in anything illegal during his off time. Nothing like a new crush to lift the spirits and help me look forward to long nights at the coffee shop!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I hope that works...
Here are the rules…

1. Pick a senior year.
2. Comment here or email me (paintingchef at gmail dot com) and let me know you’d like to participate. This is going to be a CD swapping situation…
3. Choose your songs (they don’t strictly have to be from that year only, just something that you listened to that year), burn an as yet to be determined number of copies.
4. Send them, along with the address where you would like your set of CDs sent, to me.
5. I will make everyone a set of CDs and send them back out. If you’re really sweet you can send me a few bucks to go towards postage… I tend to send sweet people cookies and puppies and rainbows and unicorns.
6. Put this little graphic on your blog if you want. But save it and post it your damn self. Don’t link to it here. That’s just mean. And mean people suck. So don’t suck.

I love that my computer lets me drag stuff from place to place. I'll be participating, how about you?

In other news, I was reading over at RichIChampionable and Bonanza Jellybean, and I realized, once again, just how hard it must be to be a parent. To have this creature that you are totally responsible for. Not just like a fish where you just have to feed it, but you have to nurture them, mind, body, and soul in order to make sure they grow up to be the wonderful members of society that we all want them to be. And not only that. but you have to worry about the influence of other people. Your immature friends teaching them dirty words at a young age. Teachers tearing them down when they try so hard. Kind old ladies telling you how you should raise them. This on top of the peer pressures and society pressures that we all have to be the smartest, the prettiest, the best at whatever they do. And heaven forbid they do something uncool. I? Loved me some astonomy and classical music when I was in elementry school. Hell if I shared that with the class. As they grow, they have to have the right clothes, the right friends, the right hobbies and bedroom decor. You want them to grow up to be who you want them to be, but they want to be themselves. What if those visions don't match? Your future lead guitarist wants to be a rocket scientist and is tone deaf.

Everything has to be perfect. And it's all up to you. That's a lot of pressure. It's a scary thing. You CAN'T fuck up because there's no do-overs, no mulligans. Then they turn 15 and realize they are smarter than you and they hate you. they are dissapointed when they learn the hard truth that you are human and no matter what you do, it isn't right. And they break your heart with every slam of the perfectly decorated bedroom door, which suddeny not so perfect in classy blues and whites, they want it black.

I don't think there is a perfect parent. Maybe it's easy for me to say. It wasnt a shock to me, it was a cold hard truth that my parents were human. The difficult part was forgiving them for being just that.

No, I don't think there is any such thing as a "perfect parent". I think there are only the ones who do the best that they can with the tools that they have. No kid should ask for more. I read these blogs, of people who's parenting I respect based on what they write, and I think to myself that I can only hope that I step up to bat as they have done, should I ever find myself with a child under my care. It frightens me that not only can I screw up the most important job I can ever be given, but that everyone will be watching. Waiting. judging, even if they don't intend to.

Tall order, parenting. No wonder if fightens me so.

In other news, I just bought two magick pirate heads on Ebay. I will have to decide next what to do with them.

The return of Handsome Richard and other stories

First, other stories...

Attended the Birthday Celebration of my very good friend Dat Phan today. since some of you migrated over here from conversations we used to have on his message board, then if you go to his site, it is possible that there might be a group shot with me in it. I would be all the way back near the window. I will be happy if my forrehead made it into the picture.
Anyway, it was a nice luncheon, but there was one thing that bothered me.

Set at a rather busy beach restaurant, we arrived to find two large tables filled with guests. At each place setting, there was a shortened version of the menu with a selection of dishes to choose from. No prices. I didn't see anything I wanted to eat (I am a picky eater, and California Cusine generally means fancy stuff I don't want to put in my mouth. Sun dried tomatoes and seared ahi (seared=cooked on the outside raw on the inside. I don't eat raw fish.)) so I requested a menu. The prices were on the menu and looked very reasonable, so I ordered the fish and chips (I really wanted a steak and some mashed potatoes even though I shouldn't eat them) and a fancy schmancy root beer because I am a sucker for a micro brew root beer.
Munch munch, guzzle guzzle, lunch is done. Come to find out, the restraunt is charging $14 plate, double the menu prices. And Gratuity. And the food? mediochre. I don't think I would eat there again. I am hardly an expert on fish, but I was not impressed. and the Root Beer? I like Henry Weinhardts much better. But I'm glad I tried it, even if the restraunt pissed me off. Thier reasoning was that they had to pay two waitresses to cover just out tables. There were 50 people atteneding, at $14 per person. that's $700. And another $140 for tip. Somehow I think those waitresses would have worked for tips alone in a group that big. I don't know much about waiting tables, but I'm thinking you don't often make $70 in three hours normally.
All in all it was good to see Dat, briefly, and my sister too. It would be nice to be able to speak with him in a less hectic environment, but this is his liife now.

Thursday, and I know I didn't mention it, Handsome Richard contacted me to see if i wanted to go with a bunch of people to The Comedy Store. I agreed and it was arranged. I must admit i was a bit apprehensive because I know i do not want to date him despite his good looks and kind demeanor, because I didn't really know if it was a "date". i drove myself and paid my own cover ($20 bucks! I had never paid to get in before! Sheesh!). There were 3 other people attending, I don't think it was. So anyway, night goes on, we decide to go to a restraunt/bar for more fun and drinks. Tra la la, blah blah blah. and Stacy blurts out, "Richie's so busy having sex with babymama that..." Damage done. She realized what she said, and I cannot hide that I caught it because I am BEET red and looking desperatey for a spot on the wall to study. He ended up leaing fairly early as the Baby sitter was leaving at midnight. Which reminded me once again that he has a kid, and a sister who needs constant care, and babymama drama and I know that while we don't always get to choose the life we have, but truly, I don't think I would choose to have his. I have enough to worry about keeping up with myself.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Of Pirates and worms

My friend Eddie sent me this. This time, I KNOW I heard a can of worms being opened...For her or against her, This may not have been the best of ideas. I think the people in charge are going to be awfully busy sifing through the replies...

In other news, I found this on someone's blog yesterday. I'd tell you whos, but I can't remember. All I know is that I linked from Mist1, because I figure if I go to every person on her list, I might be able to figure out which one is her sister.,,2-2007030500,00.html

Um. They look kind of bulky and uncomfortable.

Wayne came in last night all concerned that I was offended by their use of the stinky weed. I told him it doesn't offend me, I just don't care to associate with it. That doesn't mean I can't hang out and be friends, I will just be skipping the pot parties. Since CC came in too, I was reminded that he is cute and interesting and that I MUST stick to my principles. Without principles, what do I have? What kind of person would I be if I made exception for the first handsome face that tested them?

Wayne also said he had a friend he wants to introduce me to. Someone my age and "strait" as in doesn't do anything he isn't supposed to do. Which sounds terribly dull to me, but, Wayne thinks of me that way so it's obvious he sees what he wants to see and makes his opinions. I mean, I know I'm a bit on the goody-two-shoes side of things but I also know how to have a good time.

SO ANYWAY, I decided that this called for a visit to my favorite Oracle. When I got home, I went strait to the Magic Pirate Head and asked if I would be interested in said friend. It said I would. So I asked if we would date. and the answer was, "Yo Ho, Maybe So!" I left it alone after that. Interesting. Since it said I won't be meeting the next man I will date this week, I don't have anything to be worried about.

I'm starting to become frightened of my reliance on the advice of the Magic Pirate Head. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop, It just means that I might have a problem.

I might have another problem too. Last night I wandered into the bathroom at work because I had business in there. Do you know what I found? Wool. Tucked into the waistband of my underwear. Sheep's wool. No a lot, but enough to tell me that I spend way too much time playing with wool in my house and not enogh time watching TV and drinking beer.

Ok. I don't drink beer. and I spin while I watch TV. But that's not the point. I mean, when I worked in the cabinet shop, I understood how I got sawdust in my bra and I kind of understood how I would end up with sawdust in my underwear. But wool. Wool doesn't go there. What the fuck?

GASP! I realized that I miss my own bloggerversary. It's been two years since I started spewing madness into the world wide web. Here is my very first post...

And once from a year ago...

apparently we had a two-fer last Jan 24.

Best wishes to you all. I'm off to ponder life.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Adventures in underwear shopping

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I FINALLY bought myself some new bras last month. Truly, the old ones were making the PDC's look particualrly unperky, and the straps kept falling off my shoulders.

Now, the bigger they are, the more pricey they are so at $50 each (I always buy at least 4 at a time) they better fit well and make me look fantastick-er. (heh). in a chesterly way. Sadly, 2 didn't fit after I brought them home and tried to wear them.

Meanwhile, that same night, bolstered by the undergarment extravaganza at the Pink Store, I was off to another store to buy my favorite undies which are SO comfortable. Underwear, like bras, have to fit just right or I am uncomfortable all day and I get cranky. Plus, ill fitting ones chafe. Can't have chafing in my girly bits. I bought the wrong size, or so I discovered when I compared them to the ones I already had (I couldn't remember what size I wore. I don't splurge on panties like I used to).

Today, I finally took them back. First, the underwear. Sadly, they had gone on clearance and were all gone. When I asked for a refund, the clerk suggested that perhaps I might be able to find something cuter. Never insult a woman's taste in panties unless they are the granny variety (in which case a 30 year old woman in granny panties is indeed fair game). These most certainly were not. I was appalled that she would sugest that something cuter would be more appropriate. Sure, cute is just fine. I am not opposed to bright colors and patterns. Goodness knows I have wandered about with an animal print butt. However, for every day wear I prefer something more subdued. Less likely to show through my clothes in color and seams. It's not like anyone sees them anyway, so they should be making ME happy and decidedly not chaf-ey). I kept my grumbling to myself and wandered on my way.

And off to Vickies where a sales lady decended upon me instantly. When I mentioned that the bras I bought were too big, she instantly pulled out her tape measure and offered to feel me up...I mean measure me. I told her that I had been measured last time, but if she really wanted to touch my boobs right there in front of everybody, she could. Ok. I was THINKING most of that. So first she said I have a small frame. (!!!OOH!!! Tell me more!!) The she measures down, around, and up, and says, you couls be a...34 DD ("sister size"). And while that only means that I am the size I thought I was, I am telling myself that my measurements are both bigger and smaller than I thought they were. and in a good way. I think I glowed. For once, I left the mall feeling good about myself despite the panty insult.

this and that

why is it that every time I hear the expression "Colder than a witch's tit" I want to reach up and see how cold they are? I know they're warm. They are right there, encased in a couple of layers of clothing and are no cooler than the rest of my body. but it never fails, my hands twitch every time. Kind of awkward when I am at work.

I made a crack today about trolling Frat row down at State for drunk young men and someone believed me. I am amazed, sometimes at what people will believe of me.

All for now, but I'm looking to go shopping so that may very well change...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


So I went. And I had a good time. And I maintained a good attitude despite the fact that coffee crush's fuck friend was there. I'm glad I had advance warning of that. She was a nice girl. They are all very nice, actually. I was happy to be invited back to coffee crush's house for after party fun. Not alone, of course. I really felt as though there was a possible connection there. And I looked fantastic. Wish you could see the shoes.

But the Magic Pirate Head was right again. There will be no dating of the Coffee Crush. He is a victim of my number one deal breaker. The one that I won't budge on. I can accept that he is the bass player, even though I told myself no more musicians after biker bob. And I don't really mind that he smokes like a chimney, as E and T were both smokers. But coffee crush likes to smoke something else too. And he was quite excited to get home and do so. And I politely bowed out. Had I driven myself, I might have cried a bit on the way home. I am terribly disappointed. But I didn't drive myself, and so I maintained my composure as always. I'm sure Wayne knew I was upset. I didn't tell him why I was quiet, just explained that I do not care to be around pot smoking. He understood.

I should stop pretending that I am not interested in anyone. I think we all know that's a false front. I just keep telling myself that so I stop getting myself hurt. It isn't working. It's going to be hard to get out of the habit of having a crush on him. I'm glad I never asked him to dinner. There might have been a second or third date. And things might have gotten complicated.

So goodbye to the Coffee Crush. May I learn soon to listen to the wisdom of the Pirate Head.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

No title today

So Last night I discoverd Equadorian Chocolate. Well, actually, the bar I ate (and I say ate even though I am eating it now because it will be gone by the time you read this) came out of Spain, but the chocolate bar it'self is 71% cocoa. I am not a chocoholic. Generally one bite will take care of all my chocolate needs. Now I know. It's not chocolae unless it's pure. I heard stories about how American chocolate is inferior. And I have eaten Lindt truffles which are smooth and good. But this? Might just be heaven. I may have to have more. But not today. I don't think I ever want to even see another Hershey bar in my house. this is what they are talking about when they say chocolate. This is what they mean when they talk about stimulating the pleasure receptors. This is the stuff they mean when they say that chocolate is good for you and full of antioxidents. Holy crap, I think I'm hooked.

Meanwhile, in other news,

I got up early this morning for a volunteer opportunity. I got all dressed up in my BDUs to plant trees. I planted three Toyen bushes and three monkeyflowers. I bought a tree and a plaque for my family, didn't stick around to plant it. I've never left early for a volunteer event in my life. But we also weren't really doing anything. And the directions were quite confusing. I'm not feeling very good about having left, so I think I didn't do the right thing this time (I probably should have at least planted my tree but I really wanted the plaque to go with it and I'm just not comfortable with the fact that it could be. I'd rather know that they went into the ground together) Everyone else wanted to leave too. I don't know. That was my morning. I'm hungry (this is the first time I have volenteered at an event where they didn't at least provide water) which would explain why I finished off the chocolate bar before I even finished the last paragraph. I should quit blogging and go eat.

Seems like there was something else too, but I have forgotten what it was. I'm looking forward to my outing tonight, I'm nervous. Bought three pairs of shoes. I'm not really sure what got into me there. I'm being silly though, and I know it. So I am going to go wash the dirt away and lounge in my pajamas until it's time to go to work. I think I hear my spinning wheel calling.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I think it's the hair

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.
Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The best laid plans

So, remember the part of the story where I was going to knit a goodwill scarf for C's girl? yeah. I finished it tonight while we watched Scrubs and um...

I really thought it would be bigger. So I will knit her another, (I only had one ball of that yarn) and send that one to my niece or something. sheesh.

Over the last couple of days, I learned something private about one of my coworkers. And I decided that I didn't really want to know that about that person. Sadly, you can't unlearn anything. But I have a tendency towards the nosey side of life, and I learned that sometimes things are better kept private.

I am going to lower my hours at Harbucks. I slept through my alarm again this morning.

I am going on Saturday with Wayne to see Coffee Crush's band play. I don't know what I am going to wear. I also don't know why I am worried about it. When I told Ben (yeah, we met for tea. and then dinner) that I wasn't interested in anything romantic, I meant it. And no, that doesn't mean I am interested in "benefits", it means that I don't even think that I would date Coffee Crush if he asked. I know I am too young to take myself out of the game, but I got weepy again tonight. I didn't mean to. It just happened. And while I used to think it would be nice to meet someone to make me forget, I replay mind movies of life and times with Biker Bob and I am glad I am alone.

In happier news, I heard from my friend Bean the other day. She had faded away for several years and I had been worried about her. I sent cards and catalogs so she would know what I was up to if she was still commmunicating with her mom, and I imagined all sorts of adventures that she was having. I have always said that Bean is my wild side, and so I just knew she was living the hippy party life and having wild times. Well, it turns out that she's on the wildest adventure of them all, she sent me pictures of her son. Kind of a blow when your wild side has a kid.

I'd better go to bed. I know that after three days or so I had lots to say.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Update

It was quite a party weekend with surprisingly little drama. It was my friend Carolyn's 30th birthday bash, and we got drunk on Friday night, played games and watched movies Saturday night, and painted ceramics on Sunday night. Those of us who were left. I came and went. I had intended to stay all weekend as if I were out of town, but since I was not out of town, my life beckoned, and I mostly answered. I didn't tend to the homefires as I should of, but I had a great time. things i learned?

Some women are not afraid to handle each other's dildos. I didn't touch it, but here is the look on my face...

I have a bubble butt. I know I joke about my ghetto bootie, but I didn't know how serious it was until I saw pictures. I don't think you need to see the picture. but trust me. It's big, and round. Baloon-like, even.

If you believe in the "Orb" phenomenon in pictures, there were plenty captured. Only in certain areas of the house we were at, only at certain times at the party, and only around certain people. It's facinating to me, so here is a picture.

In the photo above, I am playing a game called Guesstures. Here are a few qotes from the game, which is like charades, only timed. Although there is a picture, I will not post the part where I tore off my shirt in an effort to demonstrate "Cast Off". Don't worry, I was wearing a bra.

"I'm Drunk"
"I had to find who was wearing underwear!" (after three attempts, I was the one wearing underwear)
"Way to stick that finger up your nostril!"
"Lick, Lick" "Nice"
"Cones honey, you got cones!"
"I want Nachos. My face is numb"

I was going to give you the fart quote, the one where we describe what it smelld like, but I have my limits.

Carolyn fell and hurt her knee yesterday while pretending to strip the the window at the Chinese Buffet. Today, I misunderstood her question, and was celebrating a Charger Victory at the mall, when she hit me with her cane. She was way too quick to lash out with that cane. A natrual. I was very disapointed to discover that she hadn't asked the mall patron if the Chargers won, but if they lost. When I learned the truth, I gave a more appropriate response.(FUCK!) It was nice seeing my city get all excited. I really had hope for the team. I will be sorry to see our coach lose his job, as is rumored.

Thus ends my weekend. I pray for an uneventful week.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Environmentalist rant

apparently, I am extra rant-y today.

I was reading the news...I mean working today and I came accross the following quote in regards to the Coyote hunt that happens in Baker, WY each year

“I don’t know why God put them on this Earth,” said Jerrid Geving, a hunter who organizes the Baker event. “If He put them on this world to give us sport for hunting, maybe. But I’ll tell you what, they do a lot of damage to livestock.”

You don't know why god put them on this earth? They, like any other creature are an important part of the food chain. Your livestock? arrived later. Having them helps keep the things clean, as they are scavengers and will eat carcass. They cull the herbavore herds by picking off the weak, old, and sick. And yes, the Grey Wolf does this too, but don't underestimate the need for this lovely creature.

I too have lost pets to coyote. It's the realty of living in rural areas. And I don't have issue with this hunt, as long as the coyotes are not threatened as a speicis. Readily available food causes population booms. But I don't believe that any creature, no matter how lowly it is considered to be is useless. I don't think any creature exists just for sport. So sir, pull your ignorant head out of your ass and remember that there are no useless creatures, that everything on earth has a purpose and a place, even if we have disrupted that with our farming and livestock (something I am also not against, I just recognize how it changes the flow of nature).

I just get really mad when a life is considered useless.

Championable | Fatherhood, Parenting, Love, and Politics.: Abortion, Birth Control, %u201CRespect Life.%u201D

Championable | Fatherhood, Parenting, Love, and Politics.: Abortion, Birth Control, %u201CRespect Life.%u201D

Every so often I get all wound up religiously. This post didn't do it, but a comment on it did. And instead of insiting a comment riot, I thought I would give my thoughts on the answers of Steve here.

This is what he said: (I have placed in bold the item that pissed me off)

I wish I was so lucky as to have a local parish priest as bold as yours. You're right in saying that we don't even know whether it (i.e., ESC therapies) will work is the very last reason we should oppose it. In fact, I would think the opposite argument more convincing: It may work... and thereby create actual demand (not yet pursued by much in the way of venture capital... which is why these researchers need the gov't to bankroll their Faustian playground) to procure and utilize "human tissues".

I sort of understand the “natural law” argument. But frankly, if we’re not supposed to modify the way we’ve been set up by God, then we should probably stop wearing clothes, riding in cars and airplanes, and DEFINITELY stop with all this “medical care.”

Well then, you clearly don't understand the "natural law" argument.

Regarding the question of whether the "goal" (i.e., that of NFP vis-a-vis artificial contraception "is identical: having sex for fun, and to avoid conception," I think you are missing a couple of points:

1) if a couple use NFP to avoid conception (for just causes, see(2)), then they are, by definition, not having sex for fun to avoid conception; and

2) NFP is not a licit method of contraception, but rather a licit method to delay conception or space out children for just reasons. A fine point, perhaps, put a clear one to those willing to think with the Church.

Nevertheless, if one cannot see the difference between NFP and contraception, then I would urge you not to practice it.

The idea that the Church's teaching on contraception is causative (or even correlative) with ills such as neglect, HIV, and murder is standard left-wing agitprop, and not worthy of any response above mockery.

I think the letter on the whole to be disingenuous. You are not "truly baffled", but have instead rather made up your mind on the matter, as you obviously have in other matters, in direct opposition to the Church's clear and univocal teaching throughout her history.

This is a matter that gets me every time. That this man finds fault with Rich and his questioning of the teachings of the church. Are Catholics not Christians, believing in the idea that Chirst died for thier sins, and that he is the son of God and all that? Are they not supposed to be following the teachings of Christ? Christ. Not the church. And I seriously doubt that Jesus would support what I view as an attack on Rich's faith. Something about he who is without sin casting the first stone. He is being called out for arguing a life or death point with an institution run by humans. He is being called leftist (which in some circles is a serious insult) for looking at data that supports the fact that the use of barrier contraception prevents the spread of disease, and that by banning the use of all contraception you are perpetuating the issue. This is a well documented fact. Rich is not saying everyone should go out and get on the pill. He is questioning whether in a world where humans are intelligent enough to stop and check to see if they are fertile by measuring secretions (my sister took the classes. It's all pretty gross. In fact, it migh work just because it's a turn off, "Not tonight dear, my secretions are very elastic and we aren't financially ready for kids yet") before engaging in intercourse, perhaps they should be allowed to use another method in thier family planning. To space out the children so to speak. If we are going to jump to conclusions, then lets just go ahead and say that people who can't or don't want to have children shouldn't have sex. (in which case the Magic Pirate Head's prediction that I will never have sex again might actually be valid)

People are going to have sex. The antiquated idea that it occurs only for the purpose of procreation is as rediculous as the belief once held that women don't enjoy the act, that they should do it out of "duty to thier husbands". We are, in essence, animals. Animals eat and fuck. Humans have learned that while they may not always be able to control the urge to do the latter, they can control the outcome. They can be safe about it and save lives by stopping the spread of disease. they can enrich the lives of society as a whole by not bringing more people into the world than it can comfortably feed. The Bible was written in a time when a child rarely made it to adulthood. in order to purpetuate the species, we could not afford to miss any opportunity for conception. This is no longer the case, and I believe that Rich sees this. Some people do not follow blindly. Some like to think for themselves.

Galileo was burned at the stake for insisting that the earth revolved around the sun. Do not call Rich a bad Catholic because he questions the Church. (and Steve, I am not attacking you, only your words. They could have been voiced by anyone) Rich is, from what I have seen, a man who found his faith in God thorough the teachings of the Catholic Church. We all find faith in our own way. Questioning doesn't make him less of a good man, a good father, and an honest businessman. It doesn't make him unfaithful to God. Is there not a commandment that says "Thou shalt not put any God before me".and I seem to remember something about how you aren't supposed to worship false idols. I am not questioning your faith, I am not bashing the religion. Any institution that helps guide a person closer to God is by definition a good thing in my world. But do not confuse the church with God, or the teachings of the men in charge with the teachings of your Christ. In the end, the church is a building. God, eternal. And while you are arguing that Rich should not disagree with the Church, ask yourself if you are following the teachings of God or the Building.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pirate Head Predictions and cheese

Every so often a quote comes out of my office that's so random, or so silly, that it has to be mentioned. Like last week when my boss asked me "How can anyone be so goody two shoes?" It's a lifelong issue.

Today's random quote is:

"Hey man, you can't go messing with someone's cheese"

I was really talking about Cheese. Not the figurative kind from "Who Moved My cheese" which I have read and yes it was a good book although perhaps a little too metaphor-y here and there.

I finally broke down and started asking the Pirate Head questions again. I couldn't resist. He's always staring at me from atop the TV all like, "I know the answers if you are brave enough to ask"

So I asked last night if I know Coworker's interested friend. "Aye, Matey." Will I be interested in dating him? "No Way, Arrrgh" (Not surprising. There are over 3000 people working here, I don't think I should date any of them. Plus coworker works for my mom which could really turn into something bad if his friend works for her too)

The rest of the predictions went as so,

I will not date Coffee Crush
I will not meet anyone that I will date in the next month
I have not yet met the next man I will date.

I didn't have the heart to ask if it had changed it's mind about whether I will ever have sex again. It would be too depressing if it said no. again.

The Magic Pirate Head is so negative all the time. I suppose I would be too if people kept shaking my head around, demanding answers and flipping up my eye patch.

Monday, January 08, 2007

OH Lordy, Lordy

A coworker just asked how my love life is doing. Apparently he has a friend that is interested and he said he'd go find out what is going on.

Does anyone else hear the sounds of a big can of worms being opened?

Dark Clouds

For some reason, I have been wandering around all cloudy lately. I call it cloudy because I have an amazing imagination and I can feel the anger cloud over my head when I get this way. Sure, it lifts sometimes, but it comes back.

This morning is probably the worst of it. I don't have a good reason for it. Today I had to take a walk before 8 am. I was tempted to keep going. I work in hickville, so walking away is not really a good idea since I don't like getting dirt in my shoes and eventually I would run into a cow. It's not really hickville. But I'm not kidding about the cows. They used to make me late to work in the morning because you really don't want to try and drive through a herd of cattle. especially the brahama bull. sucker was huge. AND they have a you break it you buy it policy around here when it comes to the cows. Plus you don't get to take it home and grill it. Not that I would, I'd have someone else do it for me. Or, the cow would rot while I waited for someone to clean and cook it for me.

So anyhow, I've been feling grumpy and frustrated and ready for a change in situation or job or something. I'm frustrated with my primary job for various reasons, but I don't think I can do better elsewhere, I think I just need to be working for myself. BUT I am not feeling soap motivated either because during the rare moments I am at home, I just want to play. And while soap is fun, there are still parts that aren't so. Like formatting my labels and wrapping and trimming. I don't really mind those things because I get great satisfaction from selling the stuff and I am truly hoping to be a huge success. That is, live in the house the soap built. In San Diego.

Just as I was thinking that I should go ahead and quit my jobs and apply for a sugar daddy, I came across the following picture. And my cloud instantly dissapated like someone shot it with a lazer beam. and my day started running smoothly. This one belongs to Rich Championable's kid. Rich (yes, you this time) perhaps you need to get this kid a showing at a gallery.

Come to think of it, I'm going to link to the picture. I don't know how Rich would feel about someone stealing his kid's art. And I feel a bit funny copying it.

Championable | Fatherhood, Parenting, Love, and Politics.: We interrupt this here blog...

Friday, January 05, 2007

In perspective

So, after a couple of days of staying home sick, and excepting for the throat which is still sore, I feel great!!

And I realized something yesterday.

That in regards to my Coffee Crush, I'm just the girl who pours his coffee. I make small talk, he moves along. I don't think I am thought of beyond that and while it's a little disapointing, I'm surprisingly ok with it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My therapy

I went home sick today. Or I should say they ran me out like a common pigmy. I went home and strait to bed with thoughts of all I could accomplish today in my head. It's hard for me to stop a moment and heal, but this is what I am doing. After getting all the rest I think I needed, I went to the store and p[icked up food. I decided to feed this sore throat all that it can swallow and get my stregnth back. I'm not doing so wel with that, only because I'm not very good at eating while I am at home. It's no fun cooking for myself. Thank goodness for frozen food.

The bird, who has always been the sort to stay on her cage and be terrified of being off of it has been jumping off lately and wandering about the house. This doesn't bother me, it tells me she is happier in her new digs. She followed me around while I put away my groceries and talked to me in my voice, which flattered me to no end. Rich will understand how wonderful that is.

Meanwhile, Chickie asked if the curtain is closing on my blog, and the answer is "Oh Hell NO!" This is my therapy. And possibly my favorite addiction. I look forward to blogging each day. It provides an outlet I wouldn't know otherwise and gives me an opportunity to expres myself in a public manner. I can be as goofy or as silly as I want to be. I never thought two years ago when I forst heard about blogging that it would become such a staple in my life.

And you. So many of you I know only through your blogs. In some ways I might know you better than your families because you express yourselves differently there than anywhere. It's like reading a novel where the people are real and the story doesn't end. I love every minute of it.

In other news, I met C's new someone last night. I was very apprehensive, as I am sure I mentioned, and meeting her put to rest all my issues. It was still strange to know that she was going home with him to the room where I used to sleep. But I found her to be very nice and of an attractiveness that wasn't at all intimidating. Equal footing, if you will. Rumor has it I did very well and didn't act at all strange. I felt very awkward. But you have to do what is right when possible, and I wouldn't have dealt with it any other way. Sometimes, you have to swallow your misgivings and fears.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a change of heart

I was going to post about something. Somthing that I meeded to get out there and out of my head and heart. Then I realized something.

Some hurts are better kept to yourself. Sometimes, after taking a deep breath, you realize that it's really only important to you, and that it really isn't as important as you originally thought.

That the new situation doesn't really change anything (except, um, the magic pirate head was right again, which is scary, as always)and that you are no better or worse than you were before.

And sometimes, even though you are shocked initially, it really is the best thing.

So you bow your final curtsy (because I am a curtsy kind of girl) and you watch the curtain fall.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Not just a new day

Consider one New Year's resolution kept. with glee. Thank goodness.

I dropped off the cookies to Wayne and my coworkers. Wayne invited me to go with him to spend New Years with Coffee Crush and company. I politely declined. First of all, I had already told my friends that I would be attending their parties. I like to follow through and while they would have understood, I still think it important to keep the plans that you make. Even when there is a handsome man involved. ESPECIALLY when there is a handsome man involved because...

In the name of crushes, I have put myself in some very uncomfortable positions over the years. Ended up in some very bad situations. One, could have cost me my life, many, certainly cost me my dignity and my confidence. Both of these things grow back. Life, once gone, cannot be returned. I'm not saying that going with Wayne would have been in the least bit dangerous, but I would have felt odd at a party where I hardly knew ayone, and if Coffee Crush had a date there, I would have been exceptionally uncomfortable. Not to mention the mild creepy factor showing up there. If I knew that crew just a little bit better, it would be ok. But right now, all I have is a bit of small talk because they buy their coffee from me. Hardly a friendship. and anyway...

The first party was really fun. I have missed my friends more than I knew due to my self imposed outcast. They were all happy to see me and I was happy to see them. It was good to be there and tempting to stay. But I knew that if I did stay, I would drink too much. Plus, I had promised myself elsewhere. And while it was hard to go, I'm glad I went because...

I had a blast at the second party. My "date" was there, and also my sister and her husband. and her husband? is funny anyway, but get him drunk and hilarity ensues. I have hopes that I will get a copy of the video that I can post because if you guys find it half as funny as I did, you'll be crying too. I was paralized with laughter. And I didn't drink too much. In fact I wasn't even buzzed. So when the time came to go home, I went home. and slept in my ouwn bed. Which is just where I like to be. and I started out the new year in such a way that I can't think of any other way I would like to be. With friendship, laughter and flannel sheets.