Sunday, January 28, 2007

The return of Handsome Richard and other stories

First, other stories...

Attended the Birthday Celebration of my very good friend Dat Phan today. since some of you migrated over here from conversations we used to have on his message board, then if you go to his site, it is possible that there might be a group shot with me in it. I would be all the way back near the window. I will be happy if my forrehead made it into the picture.
Anyway, it was a nice luncheon, but there was one thing that bothered me.

Set at a rather busy beach restaurant, we arrived to find two large tables filled with guests. At each place setting, there was a shortened version of the menu with a selection of dishes to choose from. No prices. I didn't see anything I wanted to eat (I am a picky eater, and California Cusine generally means fancy stuff I don't want to put in my mouth. Sun dried tomatoes and seared ahi (seared=cooked on the outside raw on the inside. I don't eat raw fish.)) so I requested a menu. The prices were on the menu and looked very reasonable, so I ordered the fish and chips (I really wanted a steak and some mashed potatoes even though I shouldn't eat them) and a fancy schmancy root beer because I am a sucker for a micro brew root beer.
Munch munch, guzzle guzzle, lunch is done. Come to find out, the restraunt is charging $14 plate, double the menu prices. And Gratuity. And the food? mediochre. I don't think I would eat there again. I am hardly an expert on fish, but I was not impressed. and the Root Beer? I like Henry Weinhardts much better. But I'm glad I tried it, even if the restraunt pissed me off. Thier reasoning was that they had to pay two waitresses to cover just out tables. There were 50 people atteneding, at $14 per person. that's $700. And another $140 for tip. Somehow I think those waitresses would have worked for tips alone in a group that big. I don't know much about waiting tables, but I'm thinking you don't often make $70 in three hours normally.
All in all it was good to see Dat, briefly, and my sister too. It would be nice to be able to speak with him in a less hectic environment, but this is his liife now.

Thursday, and I know I didn't mention it, Handsome Richard contacted me to see if i wanted to go with a bunch of people to The Comedy Store. I agreed and it was arranged. I must admit i was a bit apprehensive because I know i do not want to date him despite his good looks and kind demeanor, because I didn't really know if it was a "date". i drove myself and paid my own cover ($20 bucks! I had never paid to get in before! Sheesh!). There were 3 other people attending, I don't think it was. So anyway, night goes on, we decide to go to a restraunt/bar for more fun and drinks. Tra la la, blah blah blah. and Stacy blurts out, "Richie's so busy having sex with babymama that..." Damage done. She realized what she said, and I cannot hide that I caught it because I am BEET red and looking desperatey for a spot on the wall to study. He ended up leaing fairly early as the Baby sitter was leaving at midnight. Which reminded me once again that he has a kid, and a sister who needs constant care, and babymama drama and I know that while we don't always get to choose the life we have, but truly, I don't think I would choose to have his. I have enough to worry about keeping up with myself.


Gary said...

You may have been embarassed, but in situations like that anyone who lets you know what the situation is, is doing you a favor

By the way, I wouldn't eat raw fish even if was free. But that's just me.

shqipo said...

oh man, that restaurant robbed you guys blind! why double?!

I have to read more about this Richard guy...

Chickie said...

It is always a good idea to avoid those with babymama drama.

Ginamonster said...

Gary, oh, she definately was doing me a favor even though she didn't know it. Sometimes, that's just the sort of nudge a person needs to keep them sticking to their guns. And HELLO!! PARASITES!

I once picked up a nice fish filet for dinner. There was a parasitic worm still eating it.

Shqipo, They said it was because they had to pay two additional waitstaff to cover our tables. I still think it is baloney and am worried that Day got stuck will extra on the bill.

Chickie, you would know!!