Saturday, January 20, 2007

No title today

So Last night I discoverd Equadorian Chocolate. Well, actually, the bar I ate (and I say ate even though I am eating it now because it will be gone by the time you read this) came out of Spain, but the chocolate bar it'self is 71% cocoa. I am not a chocoholic. Generally one bite will take care of all my chocolate needs. Now I know. It's not chocolae unless it's pure. I heard stories about how American chocolate is inferior. And I have eaten Lindt truffles which are smooth and good. But this? Might just be heaven. I may have to have more. But not today. I don't think I ever want to even see another Hershey bar in my house. this is what they are talking about when they say chocolate. This is what they mean when they talk about stimulating the pleasure receptors. This is the stuff they mean when they say that chocolate is good for you and full of antioxidents. Holy crap, I think I'm hooked.

Meanwhile, in other news,

I got up early this morning for a volunteer opportunity. I got all dressed up in my BDUs to plant trees. I planted three Toyen bushes and three monkeyflowers. I bought a tree and a plaque for my family, didn't stick around to plant it. I've never left early for a volunteer event in my life. But we also weren't really doing anything. And the directions were quite confusing. I'm not feeling very good about having left, so I think I didn't do the right thing this time (I probably should have at least planted my tree but I really wanted the plaque to go with it and I'm just not comfortable with the fact that it could be. I'd rather know that they went into the ground together) Everyone else wanted to leave too. I don't know. That was my morning. I'm hungry (this is the first time I have volenteered at an event where they didn't at least provide water) which would explain why I finished off the chocolate bar before I even finished the last paragraph. I should quit blogging and go eat.

Seems like there was something else too, but I have forgotten what it was. I'm looking forward to my outing tonight, I'm nervous. Bought three pairs of shoes. I'm not really sure what got into me there. I'm being silly though, and I know it. So I am going to go wash the dirt away and lounge in my pajamas until it's time to go to work. I think I hear my spinning wheel calling.


Amy said...

Ohhh yes! The higher the cocoa percentage, the better the chocolate imo.

lzymzy said...

I'm pretty sure I've told you about "true" chocolate. You should listen to your sister.

Ginamonster said...

I'm pretty sure I don't remember that, but I'm not going to argue since you are always right. Life is so much easier now that I fully understand that.