Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pirate Head Predictions and cheese

Every so often a quote comes out of my office that's so random, or so silly, that it has to be mentioned. Like last week when my boss asked me "How can anyone be so goody two shoes?" It's a lifelong issue.

Today's random quote is:

"Hey man, you can't go messing with someone's cheese"

I was really talking about Cheese. Not the figurative kind from "Who Moved My cheese" which I have read and yes it was a good book although perhaps a little too metaphor-y here and there.

I finally broke down and started asking the Pirate Head questions again. I couldn't resist. He's always staring at me from atop the TV all like, "I know the answers if you are brave enough to ask"

So I asked last night if I know Coworker's interested friend. "Aye, Matey." Will I be interested in dating him? "No Way, Arrrgh" (Not surprising. There are over 3000 people working here, I don't think I should date any of them. Plus coworker works for my mom which could really turn into something bad if his friend works for her too)

The rest of the predictions went as so,

I will not date Coffee Crush
I will not meet anyone that I will date in the next month
I have not yet met the next man I will date.

I didn't have the heart to ask if it had changed it's mind about whether I will ever have sex again. It would be too depressing if it said no. again.

The Magic Pirate Head is so negative all the time. I suppose I would be too if people kept shaking my head around, demanding answers and flipping up my eye patch.


shqipo said...

u crack me up with these pirate head writings

jootastic said...

yes....but soon enough you'll meet mr. right/right now and the pirate will be pouring you...uh...whst do pirates drink?

Ginamonster said...

if you met the pirate head you would understand how wise it can be. Who knew that a McDonalds toy would be an oracle?

Joo. RUM OF COURSE!!! YO HO HO! I like mine with root beer, please.