Monday, January 08, 2007

Dark Clouds

For some reason, I have been wandering around all cloudy lately. I call it cloudy because I have an amazing imagination and I can feel the anger cloud over my head when I get this way. Sure, it lifts sometimes, but it comes back.

This morning is probably the worst of it. I don't have a good reason for it. Today I had to take a walk before 8 am. I was tempted to keep going. I work in hickville, so walking away is not really a good idea since I don't like getting dirt in my shoes and eventually I would run into a cow. It's not really hickville. But I'm not kidding about the cows. They used to make me late to work in the morning because you really don't want to try and drive through a herd of cattle. especially the brahama bull. sucker was huge. AND they have a you break it you buy it policy around here when it comes to the cows. Plus you don't get to take it home and grill it. Not that I would, I'd have someone else do it for me. Or, the cow would rot while I waited for someone to clean and cook it for me.

So anyhow, I've been feling grumpy and frustrated and ready for a change in situation or job or something. I'm frustrated with my primary job for various reasons, but I don't think I can do better elsewhere, I think I just need to be working for myself. BUT I am not feeling soap motivated either because during the rare moments I am at home, I just want to play. And while soap is fun, there are still parts that aren't so. Like formatting my labels and wrapping and trimming. I don't really mind those things because I get great satisfaction from selling the stuff and I am truly hoping to be a huge success. That is, live in the house the soap built. In San Diego.

Just as I was thinking that I should go ahead and quit my jobs and apply for a sugar daddy, I came across the following picture. And my cloud instantly dissapated like someone shot it with a lazer beam. and my day started running smoothly. This one belongs to Rich Championable's kid. Rich (yes, you this time) perhaps you need to get this kid a showing at a gallery.

Come to think of it, I'm going to link to the picture. I don't know how Rich would feel about someone stealing his kid's art. And I feel a bit funny copying it.

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NWJR said...

Your cow rant had me cracking up...because IT'S TRUE!

Love the shark picture, too. People named Rich breed the best kids, I swear.