Monday, January 22, 2007

Adventures in underwear shopping

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I FINALLY bought myself some new bras last month. Truly, the old ones were making the PDC's look particualrly unperky, and the straps kept falling off my shoulders.

Now, the bigger they are, the more pricey they are so at $50 each (I always buy at least 4 at a time) they better fit well and make me look fantastick-er. (heh). in a chesterly way. Sadly, 2 didn't fit after I brought them home and tried to wear them.

Meanwhile, that same night, bolstered by the undergarment extravaganza at the Pink Store, I was off to another store to buy my favorite undies which are SO comfortable. Underwear, like bras, have to fit just right or I am uncomfortable all day and I get cranky. Plus, ill fitting ones chafe. Can't have chafing in my girly bits. I bought the wrong size, or so I discovered when I compared them to the ones I already had (I couldn't remember what size I wore. I don't splurge on panties like I used to).

Today, I finally took them back. First, the underwear. Sadly, they had gone on clearance and were all gone. When I asked for a refund, the clerk suggested that perhaps I might be able to find something cuter. Never insult a woman's taste in panties unless they are the granny variety (in which case a 30 year old woman in granny panties is indeed fair game). These most certainly were not. I was appalled that she would sugest that something cuter would be more appropriate. Sure, cute is just fine. I am not opposed to bright colors and patterns. Goodness knows I have wandered about with an animal print butt. However, for every day wear I prefer something more subdued. Less likely to show through my clothes in color and seams. It's not like anyone sees them anyway, so they should be making ME happy and decidedly not chaf-ey). I kept my grumbling to myself and wandered on my way.

And off to Vickies where a sales lady decended upon me instantly. When I mentioned that the bras I bought were too big, she instantly pulled out her tape measure and offered to feel me up...I mean measure me. I told her that I had been measured last time, but if she really wanted to touch my boobs right there in front of everybody, she could. Ok. I was THINKING most of that. So first she said I have a small frame. (!!!OOH!!! Tell me more!!) The she measures down, around, and up, and says, you couls be a...34 DD ("sister size"). And while that only means that I am the size I thought I was, I am telling myself that my measurements are both bigger and smaller than I thought they were. and in a good way. I think I glowed. For once, I left the mall feeling good about myself despite the panty insult.


Sensei Ern said...

Just a couple comments about underwear.

First, get underwear that matches the color of your outerwear. That way, if you rip a seam because you don't really fit into those jeans, but can slide them on with the help of Crisco, not as many people will notice, because your underwear doesn't contrast.

Second, get underwear that is comfortable. Guys don't care how much your underwear reveals unless it is all you are wearing. Guys care only about how quickly they can get you out of them.

Ginamonster said...

I am definately more concerned with comfort than looks! And I never wear jeans that I have to pry myself into. I sit too much.