Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a change of heart

I was going to post about something. Somthing that I meeded to get out there and out of my head and heart. Then I realized something.

Some hurts are better kept to yourself. Sometimes, after taking a deep breath, you realize that it's really only important to you, and that it really isn't as important as you originally thought.

That the new situation doesn't really change anything (except, um, the magic pirate head was right again, which is scary, as always)and that you are no better or worse than you were before.

And sometimes, even though you are shocked initially, it really is the best thing.

So you bow your final curtsy (because I am a curtsy kind of girl) and you watch the curtain fall.

1 comment:

Chickie said...

Sometimes I write up posts as drafts and delete them a few hours later.

Are you closing the curtain here?!