Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Soap!

Hey all. I know I have been missing a lot lately. There's just been a lot going on that I can't talk about without running the risk of getting myself in trouble.

BUT, here is something exciting.

As you may know, I have been giving more of my energy to Bubbly Creations than I think I ever have before (yes, even in the beginning). One of the things I have done is get out there and send out samples for review.

My first review is in. You are welcome to participate in the fun too!

Why not?

Monday, July 04, 2011


There have been a lot of things going on. Some are good, some not so, and some flat out broke my heart.

I retired from roller derby, not because I don't love it still but because I took a hard enough hit to scare me into the realization that I am not invincible. and that one day, I may not heal. Since I was knocked back into back spasms and difficulties doing day to day activities, I am choosing my health and not bouting anymore. I will still skate, I am just dropping out of the heavy hitting drills and I will ref. I like reffing and it will mean that I still get to skate and still get to be involved. It was hard. I cried. It's going to be REALLY difficult not to go back to full bore skating when I am feeling better. But the truth is, that I do have chronic back problems and that having the banked track has added a whole new level to our skating. The current dedicated group wants ESPN and you guys all know, that was never my intention. In order to keep up with them, I would need to give more and  I don't have any more to give. It has become far too competitive, the attitude far to serious. So it is better to back out now, while I can still walk upright.

You will have to email me directly to get the updates on boys because I learned not to air my laundry here when it might reflect badly on someone else. Or bite me in the ass. My lack of anonymity is my own fault and something I never thought of when I set up my blog. I don't know how to make these posts password only.

Bubbly Creations is doing great! Oh my goodness, it's so exciting to actually sell soap and worry about replenishing before I run out! I am enjoying my weekly trips to the farmer's market and the opportunity to meet my customers and spin all day long. I sold 30 bars last month (certainly not enough to make a living, but it's a start!) and I'm at 11 this month; far ahead of where I was at this time last month. Hooray!