Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taking a different road

Not the high one, just different.

Be aware that I am going to be vague.

I had an opportunity tonight, to join in a conversation that sounded, from 15 feet away, like it was about someone. And it explained something from earlier in the evening. From the couple of words I heard, I understood the gist of the story. It sounded juicy.

This is the point where I usually go weasel my way into the conversation so that I can learn what is going on. I'm nosey. I like to know what is going on. Generally, I will admit this with pride. I have learned that she who has the information wins. If it is gossip, I rarely pass it along. I keep it with me where it festers sometimes, or I forget it sometimes. Most often, I file it away for future reference.

Tonight I had the opportunity to follow my instincts, or not. I started to. I took the first step.

Then I realized I didn't want to. Because it's a bit of a problem. And I don't want to feed it anymore. So I left. It was easier than I thought it would be.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Quake watch 2008

C sent me this way cool link. So I am sharing it with you. Only I zoomed in a little bit.

Now you can see when my world wiggles. Like it did a minute ago. OH! and the money appeared in my bank! WHEE! The earthquakes can be the cause of good things too.

Apparently, I am making up for lost blogs

In case this hasn't been making the national news, you should know that Reno has been hit with what can only be considered a swarm of earthquakes over the last couple of weeks.

Now, when I say swarm, I don't mean a couple of little buggies that float through every so often, I mean that Friday, I felt SIX before bedtime. One was hefty enough to scare the poor birdie off her cage (she will no longer come out of her cage unless I am in the room) and all my piles of papers onto the floor, no to mention my shoes off the shelf in the closet.

I live, perhaps, a mile or so from the epicenter of all these. 6pm friday? rumble. then, aftershocks. 11:40? a 4.9 which, I hear was downgraded, but thats rumor. But really, that's the one that freaked out the critter.11:50. a three point something. (and aftershocks too) One while I was in the shower (freaky!) 1 am I get woken up. rumble

I was too drunk to feel anything Saturday night but at 4 this morning, yup. Just now as i started this blog? yup. Just before I announced via twitter that I am blaming all my woes on earthquakes? yup.

You see, Saturday, I decided that the earthquakes are God trying to knock down my former employer. It's not like me to feel such a lingering dislike, but I figure that if someone builds a building so cheaply that it leans over, then it kind of deserves to fall over. As long as no one is hurt, of course. I don't want anyone to be hurt. So when it is miraculously empty, God will send an earthquake and it will fall over without hurting anybody. Logic. It works. Try it sometime.

But alas, despite the near constant rumble, my former place of working has not fallen over. AND despite the fact that my Seester SAID she would make them stop, they rumble on.

And so, I have a new theory. Earthquakes are to blame for my little troubles.

I am exceptionally fortunate that I only have little troubles. I'm not really complaining, just finding reason in my life. Earthquakes seem like a great reason.

The 900 bucks that still hasn't shown up in my bank account? earthquakes. Not sure if I will make rent? earthquakes. Insomnia? earthquakes. dismal financial outlook? earthquakes. Commitment issues? earthquakes. Knee still bothering me? earthquakes.

See how that works?

Fuckin earthquakes.

Where oh where has my monster gone?


It appears that I have been a little bit busy. Between Derby and the Cowboy and the house, I feel like I am never home. Which is okay because it's a little lonely here and I don't like to be here since I know I can't really afford it. That wouldn't bother me so much if I were using the whole house, but I still don't go into Poo's old room. And I have very little seating. I do watch the Simpsons and Family guy with reckless abandon though. When I remember that they are on. When I am at home.

Actually, tonight, I told the Cowboy that I was staying home to do this and this and...Even though I was really tempted to ask if he wanted company. But I don't want us to get sick of each other and I REALLY need to stay home more. Gas is killing me...

Monday, April 21, 2008

It was a big weekend

There has been quite a bit of derby drama going on lately. Stuff I have wanted to post about but I cannot seem to formulate without either seeming like I am talking shit or having it come out all weird. I tried to talk to Poo about it, but he doesn't understand Derby. And he doesn't understand how it is formed and the things that can go crazy when there are a bunch of women involved. Even fantastic ones like my fellow skaters. It's been one of those things where I have gotten really angry but rather than open my mouth (and key board) and responding, I have kept my mouth shut in order to keep from perpetuating the problem. And some of it has passed on, as drama always does, and I am glad that I didn't get all publicly annoyed. Our team doesn't need any more reason to argue. in other ways, I think there are things that I can have a better attitude about. Ways I think I forgot why this league was formed. This became painfully obvious today. And I feel like I have been wrong but I don't know how to fix it. So I kept my moth shut again. This time to keep from being a hippocrite. And in this instance, I see how I need to change my point of view and change my attitude. I have my dear Bratty Duke to thank for that one.

Speaking of Poo, he left yesterday. It has been tougher than I thought it would be. For all my complaints, for all my need to be on my own, it was hard to see him go. And the house is quite empty without him. And I don't mean the lack of furniture. I am thankful though, that I had prior plans yesterday so I didn't have to be here to see him off. Call me a coward, but it was hard enough knowing that Saturday was his last night here without dragging out a tearful goodbye. I'm not sure what time he left, but when I got home from the Cowboy's house last night, he was gone.

Cowboy brought home his horse yesterday. She's just darling. But mad enough at him that she ignored him calling her and let me pet her a bit longer.


AS of 3:00 pm on Saturday, my bed was clear of laundry. And of 5 pm, it was full of stuff again, but that had nothing to do with laundry and everything to do with how I needed to use my clothes basket which i use to store my (folded) sheets and towels. I still have not read your comments, but I will. And I will declare a weener and think of something interesting to send.

I obtained a BUNCH of fun kids tights for socktopuses on Saturday...

It feels like there should be more.

Oh yeah.

I volunteered at the Earth Day Fair yesterday. Now, don't get me wrong, I really believe in doing our part to better the planet. Leave a smaller foot print. This is our home and we need to take care of it. I was the president of my high school Earth Club, for goodness sake, and although I don't recycle like I should, I am trying to get back on track. (I really like www.idealbite.com they have suggestions on little things you can do) So Earth Day Fair.

Some of the people were total hippies. It's like they came out of the woodwork. But I feel like Environmentalism is now what investing in stocks was in the 80's. The new yuppie fad. The new way to be holier than thou. I was selling raffle tickets. The raffle tickets were to win the bike from the Fat Tire label. It's a sweet bike. I wanted it except that I didn't have any cash on me. (there was a $20 bill in my purse, but it managed to hide until this morning. better that way) I learned during the course of the day that the raffle money was going towards offsetting the carbon footprint from the event. Blink. Blink. Perhaps I don't fully understand this whole carbon footprint thing. It's the amount of carbon you produce, right? So, if we produce more by having events, how does money offset that? I mean, really it should all even out since the people who were there were using less energy by sharing the energy output than they would if they had been at home with the TV and heater on, right? Not to mention the ones who biked there instead of running errands in their car all day. This, I believe, is a true offset of carbon output.
We have the choice every day to lighten our load. I don't think trading carbon credits does this. I think it's just another commodity. I think that the big polluters are going to pollute and the little polluters aren't.
I think you aren't going to convince my grandparents that the earth wasn't made for them to use up. (yes, they do. maybe they have changed their mind, but we have argued this point. I don't bring it up anymore. They have always recycled their aluminum cans though) I think if it's too expensive, I won't be going solar on my house right away, although I would like to. I will make myself a worm farm though. And i will start recycling even though it will cost me money every month because it's worth it. But although I hope i am excited enough about these things to share them, I hope i don't become earthier than thou. because really? what kind of competition is that?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Continuation

So, I moved into my new (shared) office today. Ben came into my boss's office and let me know that I had a message. From Jo. Without blinking, my boss said,

"Joe Momma"?

Sam was not amused. The best part is, I hadn't told the boss man the story. The second best part is that I laughed so hard I cried when I DID tell him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I don't get it

Why is it that I can dig through the giant pile of clothes and not find any matching knee socks, but as soon as I find one pair, I find three more?

Another notable conversation

Sam: Hey, what's Joe's last name?

Me: Momma.

Sam: What is it?

Me: Momma.

Sam: Really?

The rest of us: HAHAHAHAHAH!

And that, my friends, was the best quote of the day. I'm still snickering.

In other conversations, in case you have not figured it out, I'm in escrow. It's a fixer. Pictures when it's mine.

So, I'm talking to my boss about how I don't really know where the washer and dryer go because the garage has been converted (HELLO CRAFT ROOM!!) and the only evidence I can find is a taped over hole in the wall in the kitchen about the size of a dryer vent. But no plumbing right there. I'm thinking though, that I can change the weird bathroom into a laundry room since I don't really NEED 2 bathrooms and, it's a weird bathroom. (you would really have to see it to understand why it's so strange)If I converted the bathroom, I would have plumbing, but no vent. Sigh.

So, the bossman says I could get a 110V dryer and plug it in anywhere.

"I have gas" says I.

He would have left it alone if I hadn't started giggling, but since I did, he's been telling everyone I have gas.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little exclamation points came out of my head

By the way, I never thought it would be so hard not to look at my comments. And so far, there's only two responses to my contest. Must be patient.

and no, I have not even started on the pile (which it much bigger now that the laundry is done) It's a good thing I sleep alone.

So, I'm over at Killer Rants (see how I'm starting to get a little more web savy?) and I see something that surprises and delights me.

I'm linked. Which means I'm liked. Which made me pee like a puppy. Just a little.

A small contest

Because I think it's fun and funny and I promise to really pick a winner because I know the last time I joined in a contest, it never went anywhere from there and that girl, who's stuff I still covet, got some free advertising from me, which would have been just fine if she had actually ever picked a winner, which, as far as I know, she never did. (The contest is not, in fact to create longer run-on sentences than me)

I'm doing laundry. If you have been reading for more than a week, you know that I tend to leave my laundry and just sleep under it. Yes. I am that damn lazy.

SO. The contest is, guess how long it takes me to get it put away.

To be fair, I will likely be moving in mid to late May. More on that later. So, it will likely be put away before June. I don't know what I am giving away, but it will probably be something I make because I am a broke ass bitch. That is a federal designation. You can leave your guesses in comments, and I will not check them until every last bit of laundry is off my bed. it's possible that I might put things away slowly or add to the pile before EVERY LAST BIT OF LAUNDRY is off my bed. Bras on the doorknobs don't count.

This contest begins at 5:00 pm on Sunday April 14

ps, I finally did my taxes. today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why FreeCycle can b a bad thing

i signed up for Freecycle a couple of weeks ago because I think it's a wonderful program and I knew I would be having some things to give away. I found t he program very helpful when I was in San Diego and was able to give away no less than a dresser, plastic shelves, a digital camera, and my boogie board. Before i moved to Reno, I checked for a Freecycle group but there wasn't one. There is now.

I posted a couple of things.

The infamous sofas are up for grabs. I've gotten a couple of responses. In one, I was told that they are nice, but, "Not our style" not our style. for FREE couches. FREE couches. not their style. What are they looking for when the price is free? Do you know how many years I lived with free couches that weren't my style? Most of my adult life. I bought my first new couch that I picked out all by myself when I was 28. Maybe 27. but I'm pretty sure I was 28. The couches are still in the living room.

I also put up Poo's computer desk. I have the same one. It's a simple stand. I got a lot of interest in that one. One after the other people contacted me. They wanted it for their kid in college. One by one I got the same answer. "Oh. we were looking for something bigger" Once again, what are you looking for when the price is free? How much computer stuff do you have? How much room do you think is in a dorm? Several people were VERY interested. one took so long to my request that she come over after 4 that I chose another. He never showed. I'm glad I didn't cancel my hot date to wait for him to show. I didn't even bother trying again. The desk is still in the living room.

Yesterday, someone was offering a bag of green army men. GREEN ARMY MEN!! I WANT THOSE!! my fingers twitched. I clenched my jaw. I deleted the post. whew. Someone else posted some jars. twitch. clench. delete. The board is a wonderland of random crap. I want it. But my storage, and now my room, is also a wonderland of random crap. and so I resist. And wonder if Freecycle isn't another way of just passing crap from one home to another. I suppose i will try and post other stuff eventually. If all goes well, I'll be moving mid next month and I am not sure I want to put all these little trinkets into containers and find a new home for them.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Derby HNT

The other day, I met a fella who said he had a hard time imagining me as a Reno Roller Girl. Because, you know, it's possible to know me after just a couple of hours.

Perception is everything and I like to think I have more than one facet. It's picture time tonight. I have to admit though. I can make myself up to look as tough as I want, but I'll probably fall on my ass in front of the camera.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Text-ing Cowboy

C-I said Whip it! Whip it good! *does the divo dance*
G- Gee, I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.

G- push it real good!
C- -shakes ass-

We amuse each other.

Monday, April 07, 2008

So, I know this girl

And this girl has an alter ego we like to call Fartina. Fartina was all alone in the office today and feeling secure.

And then her boss came in. and he sniffed the air and asked what that smell was. And Fartina didn't know because she couldn't smell anything, but she suspected, and she played ignorant because that's what ladies do.

And her boss said it smelled really sweet. You know, like in a good way. And Fartina giggled in her head and refrained from saying, "that's because I just farted" even though her boss would have thought that was especially funny.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Round and Round

So, it's official, Poo is giving notice tomorrow. I lit a fire under my Real Estate agent's butt because I don't want to have to move twice and I don't want to have to pay rent for more than a month or two. Moving means that I would either have to move twice, or that I would have to sign at least a 6 month lease somewhere. I don't want to be paying rent when I should be paying mortgage. If I am going to be broke, I want it to be mine. If it will only be a couple of months, I will stay here and pay the rent which is a little over half my salary. And I don't want to ooze into the rest of the apartment so I will only be occupying

I am tired of being in limbo. I have lived in limbo for so long that I have forgotten what it is like to really call somewhere home. Not that I didn't like my lakeside apartment, but what I REALLY wanted was to be in a house. And I was never sure how long I was going to continue to be able to afford to live there.

Meanwhile, there has been some derby drama. I am not going to get into it here because I don't do that. But I will say that I just don't understand why people feel the need to create trouble and to sabotage what has been built by others. In one case, I only know one side of the story. And I still don't understand why the other side is acting the way they do. The other thing makes me sad. Sad because I had a hand in it. In that case, I did my best to do the right thing. In that case I know both sides and I still feel caught in the middle.

I can say with the utmost confidence that I need to remember not to let Derby take over my life. I can see where it is heading in that direction as I sign up for more committees and more practices are added to my schedule. I want to be a good skater. I want to build up this league into all that we all imagine it can be. But I need to remember to be Ginamonster too.

The madness continues! But I am really looking forward to looking at some houses. I have several picked out, and only one looks like a shithole. But I thought I would look closely at it before I declared it such.