Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why FreeCycle can b a bad thing

i signed up for Freecycle a couple of weeks ago because I think it's a wonderful program and I knew I would be having some things to give away. I found t he program very helpful when I was in San Diego and was able to give away no less than a dresser, plastic shelves, a digital camera, and my boogie board. Before i moved to Reno, I checked for a Freecycle group but there wasn't one. There is now.

I posted a couple of things.

The infamous sofas are up for grabs. I've gotten a couple of responses. In one, I was told that they are nice, but, "Not our style" not our style. for FREE couches. FREE couches. not their style. What are they looking for when the price is free? Do you know how many years I lived with free couches that weren't my style? Most of my adult life. I bought my first new couch that I picked out all by myself when I was 28. Maybe 27. but I'm pretty sure I was 28. The couches are still in the living room.

I also put up Poo's computer desk. I have the same one. It's a simple stand. I got a lot of interest in that one. One after the other people contacted me. They wanted it for their kid in college. One by one I got the same answer. "Oh. we were looking for something bigger" Once again, what are you looking for when the price is free? How much computer stuff do you have? How much room do you think is in a dorm? Several people were VERY interested. one took so long to my request that she come over after 4 that I chose another. He never showed. I'm glad I didn't cancel my hot date to wait for him to show. I didn't even bother trying again. The desk is still in the living room.

Yesterday, someone was offering a bag of green army men. GREEN ARMY MEN!! I WANT THOSE!! my fingers twitched. I clenched my jaw. I deleted the post. whew. Someone else posted some jars. twitch. clench. delete. The board is a wonderland of random crap. I want it. But my storage, and now my room, is also a wonderland of random crap. and so I resist. And wonder if Freecycle isn't another way of just passing crap from one home to another. I suppose i will try and post other stuff eventually. If all goes well, I'll be moving mid next month and I am not sure I want to put all these little trinkets into containers and find a new home for them.


rebturtle said...

So as soon as someone posts up "storage space," grab it! :p

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Ginamonster said...

Oh, totally!