Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little exclamation points came out of my head

By the way, I never thought it would be so hard not to look at my comments. And so far, there's only two responses to my contest. Must be patient.

and no, I have not even started on the pile (which it much bigger now that the laundry is done) It's a good thing I sleep alone.

So, I'm over at Killer Rants (see how I'm starting to get a little more web savy?) and I see something that surprises and delights me.

I'm linked. Which means I'm liked. Which made me pee like a puppy. Just a little.


othurme said...

Are you talking about the blogroll link? Cause he's not the only person who links to you.

By the way, the boob picture would also look good on my desk.

Ginamonster said...

Lol. I know. but every time I find one, it pleases me greatly. Usually, I don't look to see if someone links to me because i don't want to be disappointed. Call that my last ode to the girl I was in high school.

Liz said...

I'm glad this pleases you so! But you know that it's Killer Rants with LIZ... I mean, how do you and Othurme know it's Killer's doing and not mine??????

Ok. It was him, but still....

Killer said...

I did the link, but Liz was asked before the revamping of our links.

And all this was before someone mentioned Boobs...can we mean hear more about that?