Monday, April 28, 2008

Apparently, I am making up for lost blogs

In case this hasn't been making the national news, you should know that Reno has been hit with what can only be considered a swarm of earthquakes over the last couple of weeks.

Now, when I say swarm, I don't mean a couple of little buggies that float through every so often, I mean that Friday, I felt SIX before bedtime. One was hefty enough to scare the poor birdie off her cage (she will no longer come out of her cage unless I am in the room) and all my piles of papers onto the floor, no to mention my shoes off the shelf in the closet.

I live, perhaps, a mile or so from the epicenter of all these. 6pm friday? rumble. then, aftershocks. 11:40? a 4.9 which, I hear was downgraded, but thats rumor. But really, that's the one that freaked out the critter.11:50. a three point something. (and aftershocks too) One while I was in the shower (freaky!) 1 am I get woken up. rumble

I was too drunk to feel anything Saturday night but at 4 this morning, yup. Just now as i started this blog? yup. Just before I announced via twitter that I am blaming all my woes on earthquakes? yup.

You see, Saturday, I decided that the earthquakes are God trying to knock down my former employer. It's not like me to feel such a lingering dislike, but I figure that if someone builds a building so cheaply that it leans over, then it kind of deserves to fall over. As long as no one is hurt, of course. I don't want anyone to be hurt. So when it is miraculously empty, God will send an earthquake and it will fall over without hurting anybody. Logic. It works. Try it sometime.

But alas, despite the near constant rumble, my former place of working has not fallen over. AND despite the fact that my Seester SAID she would make them stop, they rumble on.

And so, I have a new theory. Earthquakes are to blame for my little troubles.

I am exceptionally fortunate that I only have little troubles. I'm not really complaining, just finding reason in my life. Earthquakes seem like a great reason.

The 900 bucks that still hasn't shown up in my bank account? earthquakes. Not sure if I will make rent? earthquakes. Insomnia? earthquakes. dismal financial outlook? earthquakes. Commitment issues? earthquakes. Knee still bothering me? earthquakes.

See how that works?

Fuckin earthquakes.


rebturtle said...

It's really unbecoming to hear a fellow Californian bitching about a few little rumbles. You may not remember it, but you've been through worse. Just get a waterbed and enjoy them!

Besides, according to common folklore you'll have beachfront property on the Sea of Cortez soon as Cali slips North past you and "falls into the ocean."

Ginamonster said...

Oh, no, huh uh. This is so much worse than it ever was in 30 years of living in California. I most certainly have NOT been through worse than this!