Monday, April 21, 2008

It was a big weekend

There has been quite a bit of derby drama going on lately. Stuff I have wanted to post about but I cannot seem to formulate without either seeming like I am talking shit or having it come out all weird. I tried to talk to Poo about it, but he doesn't understand Derby. And he doesn't understand how it is formed and the things that can go crazy when there are a bunch of women involved. Even fantastic ones like my fellow skaters. It's been one of those things where I have gotten really angry but rather than open my mouth (and key board) and responding, I have kept my mouth shut in order to keep from perpetuating the problem. And some of it has passed on, as drama always does, and I am glad that I didn't get all publicly annoyed. Our team doesn't need any more reason to argue. in other ways, I think there are things that I can have a better attitude about. Ways I think I forgot why this league was formed. This became painfully obvious today. And I feel like I have been wrong but I don't know how to fix it. So I kept my moth shut again. This time to keep from being a hippocrite. And in this instance, I see how I need to change my point of view and change my attitude. I have my dear Bratty Duke to thank for that one.

Speaking of Poo, he left yesterday. It has been tougher than I thought it would be. For all my complaints, for all my need to be on my own, it was hard to see him go. And the house is quite empty without him. And I don't mean the lack of furniture. I am thankful though, that I had prior plans yesterday so I didn't have to be here to see him off. Call me a coward, but it was hard enough knowing that Saturday was his last night here without dragging out a tearful goodbye. I'm not sure what time he left, but when I got home from the Cowboy's house last night, he was gone.

Cowboy brought home his horse yesterday. She's just darling. But mad enough at him that she ignored him calling her and let me pet her a bit longer.


AS of 3:00 pm on Saturday, my bed was clear of laundry. And of 5 pm, it was full of stuff again, but that had nothing to do with laundry and everything to do with how I needed to use my clothes basket which i use to store my (folded) sheets and towels. I still have not read your comments, but I will. And I will declare a weener and think of something interesting to send.

I obtained a BUNCH of fun kids tights for socktopuses on Saturday...

It feels like there should be more.

Oh yeah.

I volunteered at the Earth Day Fair yesterday. Now, don't get me wrong, I really believe in doing our part to better the planet. Leave a smaller foot print. This is our home and we need to take care of it. I was the president of my high school Earth Club, for goodness sake, and although I don't recycle like I should, I am trying to get back on track. (I really like they have suggestions on little things you can do) So Earth Day Fair.

Some of the people were total hippies. It's like they came out of the woodwork. But I feel like Environmentalism is now what investing in stocks was in the 80's. The new yuppie fad. The new way to be holier than thou. I was selling raffle tickets. The raffle tickets were to win the bike from the Fat Tire label. It's a sweet bike. I wanted it except that I didn't have any cash on me. (there was a $20 bill in my purse, but it managed to hide until this morning. better that way) I learned during the course of the day that the raffle money was going towards offsetting the carbon footprint from the event. Blink. Blink. Perhaps I don't fully understand this whole carbon footprint thing. It's the amount of carbon you produce, right? So, if we produce more by having events, how does money offset that? I mean, really it should all even out since the people who were there were using less energy by sharing the energy output than they would if they had been at home with the TV and heater on, right? Not to mention the ones who biked there instead of running errands in their car all day. This, I believe, is a true offset of carbon output.
We have the choice every day to lighten our load. I don't think trading carbon credits does this. I think it's just another commodity. I think that the big polluters are going to pollute and the little polluters aren't.
I think you aren't going to convince my grandparents that the earth wasn't made for them to use up. (yes, they do. maybe they have changed their mind, but we have argued this point. I don't bring it up anymore. They have always recycled their aluminum cans though) I think if it's too expensive, I won't be going solar on my house right away, although I would like to. I will make myself a worm farm though. And i will start recycling even though it will cost me money every month because it's worth it. But although I hope i am excited enough about these things to share them, I hope i don't become earthier than thou. because really? what kind of competition is that?


rebturtle said...

Unfortunately, photovoltaic solar is still quite pricey. You may want to check onto your state and local electric co. to see what rebates are available and when they will begin to expire. The best advice for solar is not to try and go all out and "off the grid." Add a couple panels and a decent sized inverter. No batteries. Generate electricity during the day, which gives you a credit on your meter. Then use electricity like you normally do at night.

This cuts the initial cost dramatically by not purchasing and having to maintain batteries. You are still generating electricity, and you are pumping it into the grid when it its most needed (daytime commercial usage hours). If done correctly, you can add more panels to the system as you can afford them.

Much more affordable is solar water heating. I can't say enough good things about it. My water heater here has only been turned on 2 months out of the year, due less to temperature than to cloud cover. The water gets about 20 degrees F hotter than the heater will (about 140F average), too. There are good rebates which make this a much more affordable start into "green" living.

Sensei Ern said...

Somewhere I read that carbon offset companies are counting the Earth Day celebrations as a carbon credit for the very reasons you stated...people are biking to the celebration rather than driving cars, etc.

That means, you have a raffle...the money goes to a company that promises to reduce carbon emissions, that justifies that promise by having Earth Day celebrations.

Someone is cashing in somewhere. Most likely, it is the DOW Chemical company selling the chemicals to make solar panels. (I kid about Dow. I think they went under after a lawsuit.)

It is good you are doing your part to help the environment. I don't mind the voluntary efforts, but I wish the laws for individuals didn't dictate how we dispose of waste.

The most effective tool that got me to control my pollution was the fake Native American crying because Los Angeles was a cloud-filled garbage heap.

I am doing my part by encouraging people to ride motorcycles. Now that hybrid motorcycles are making their way to market, each one could reduce the emissions of a daily commute by 75%.

Speaking of carbon emissions...How many trees have to be planted to offset Fartina?

lzymzy said...

Regarding carbon credits:

I think this all depends on WHO the money is going to. There are for profit and not for profit companies that sell carbon credits. I personally do many things to make my footprint smaller. One of the things I do is make a monthly donation to a non-profit company ( off set my families carbon production. The donation I make goes toward funding renewable energy projects. Many of the projects funded are small groups who would otherwise not be able to see their projects to fruition (imagine collecting Fartina's methane production to power the house!). I did a lot of research before I made the decision to donate to this company and I feel as though I am helping in a small way through my contribution. I know it will be years before I can have solar panels or a hybrid (or better) vehicle. In the mean time, I'm making small lifestyle changes a little bit at a time and donating to a company that is promoting carbon neutrality and sustainability by selling carbon credits. They can call it whatever they want, at the end of the day, it's a good thing.

Regarding the Yuppie Fad:

Wherever the movement is coming from, fad or not, it is helping to open eyes and hearts to the cause of our Earth. We grew up hippies, so there is always going to be a little part of us that feels the rub of the fad. Let it go, embrace the movement. I've felt lately like it's really picking up steam and maybe, just maybe we can turn this thing around.

lzymzy said...

I almost forgot-




Chickie said...

Well, dammit. I lost the contest. You are not nearly as lazy as I would be in your shoes.

I made a really good bachelor.

Bratty Duke said...

awwww, just read this today :) Don't know what you're thankin me for specifically but I am glad I helped somehow :)

Ginamonster said...

Randy, I'm devising a way to partially power my home with wind. It's really windy here.

Sensei, Fartina says that once we release a way to capture and use methane gas, we will not have to worry about running out of energy source.

Seester, We talked about this on email. I love you too. And I admire your green-ness.

Chickie, Maybe Othurme will reliquish his prize to you! I need to get his address...

Bratty, I can't remember right off, but know that you gave me a needed attitude adjustment.