Sunday, April 13, 2008

A small contest

Because I think it's fun and funny and I promise to really pick a winner because I know the last time I joined in a contest, it never went anywhere from there and that girl, who's stuff I still covet, got some free advertising from me, which would have been just fine if she had actually ever picked a winner, which, as far as I know, she never did. (The contest is not, in fact to create longer run-on sentences than me)

I'm doing laundry. If you have been reading for more than a week, you know that I tend to leave my laundry and just sleep under it. Yes. I am that damn lazy.

SO. The contest is, guess how long it takes me to get it put away.

To be fair, I will likely be moving in mid to late May. More on that later. So, it will likely be put away before June. I don't know what I am giving away, but it will probably be something I make because I am a broke ass bitch. That is a federal designation. You can leave your guesses in comments, and I will not check them until every last bit of laundry is off my bed. it's possible that I might put things away slowly or add to the pile before EVERY LAST BIT OF LAUNDRY is off my bed. Bras on the doorknobs don't count.

This contest begins at 5:00 pm on Sunday April 14

ps, I finally did my taxes. today.


Chickie said...

I predict that it won't really be put away. That you will just move it to your new place.

shiny said...

This is frustrating -- It won't be Sunday, April 14 for another seven years. So I have to wait until then for me to guess that the laundry will be put away on May 2, 2013.

Oh well...

othurme said...

I'm going with my birthday. 5/14

Sensei Ern said...

It won't be put away. Like me...again, how weird is it that we are so alike?...I expect it will not get put away, but each day, you will wake up and pull from the pile to decide what to wear that day.

As you near the bottom, you will need to wash more clothes, and add to the pile.

On moving day, you will stuff them in a big green garbage bag and take them with you. They will remain in the bag as you find it a convenient way of keeping them off the bed.

rebturtle said...

Your new volcano is growing at a rate that will soon dwarf Kilauea. You may need a bigger truck to move it. Since these comments go straight to your email, add 2 articles of clothing (to the volcano) for each comment as a peeking penalty.


Liz said...

My crystal ball tells me that your laundry will continue to be recycled from the bed until May 18, 2008.

Rich | Championable said...

It's away.

Ginamonster said...

Ok, you of little faith. There's no way I would have moved that pile of clothing. I knew I would get sick of it way before then. Plus, all that nervous waiting energy!

And Randy, I'm a good and honest young woman, I deleted the comments as soon as they arrived. You know I can't bear to cheat!

When I am less tired I'll figure out who actually won. I think it's othurme.

Yup, Othurme! Thank you for having a little bit of faith in my industriousness!