Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Derby HNT

The other day, I met a fella who said he had a hard time imagining me as a Reno Roller Girl. Because, you know, it's possible to know me after just a couple of hours.

Perception is everything and I like to think I have more than one facet. It's picture time tonight. I have to admit though. I can make myself up to look as tough as I want, but I'll probably fall on my ass in front of the camera.


Osbasso said...

You don't quite look anything like the roller girls I remember watching on TV in my youth... (that's a good thing)

Buzz said...



Sensei Ern said...

What's with the purple skin?

othurme said...

Great pics! You look awesome! It's only missing one thing...pudding.

Chickie said...


Rich | Championable said...

You could kick MY ass, clearly.

Ginamonster said...

obasso-they were hot though. I was checking out footage yesterday.


Sensei-I fell into a vat of grape kool aide

othurme-soon, my friend, soon.

chickie-hee hee. I do my best to look tough sometimes.

rich-nah. you run far quicker than I and for longer periods.