Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The shoe is kind of on the other foot.

I don't know if I have mentioned that over the last two years since we were in a realtionship and then it ended, that Cheese and I have remained friends. We don't hang out often but will occasionally go have lunch or dinner. He still has a key to my place so he can play with the dog whenever he wants (he rarely does) or wash his truck, and thankfully so because I've locked myself out of the house twice and given the wrong key to my mom once. Although we didn't work out romantically, I am lucky to still have him as a friend and I couldn't ask for a better one.

The guy I've been seeing (who I don't talk about except in extreme generalities for understandable reasons) thinks it's strange and a bit creepy that my ex has a key to my house, but is thankfully not the jealous type and doesn't say much about it.

Cheese's (fairly new) girlfriend decided that it was a good time to meet me. To which I readily agreed, since I never want to put someone in the position I was once in. The plan was to have a double date. TGIBS declined, as he doesn't want to meet my exes. I understand this. Just because I am friends doesn't mean he has to be and well, as long as he doesn't have a problem with the friendships, there's no reason to force the issue. There is no drama there; instead of a table for 4, it would be a table for three.

But apparently, without TGIBS, there was an issue. And they ended up breaking up over it. And that makes me feel sad even though I didn't really have anything to do with it. But I have been the jealous girlfriend watching my man spend time with someone he still cared about (I don't know what Cheese's feeling are towards me now, as far as I know, they are totally platonic.) and although I would gladly fade away rather than be the catalyst for a break up, that was never put on the table (as far as I know).

And although it's different because I was (am) willing to do whatever makes her comfortable (in his world her feelings should come first!), it kind of sucks that our friendship caused drama. I hope they are able to work it out.

Belated Bliss

I thought I missed out on sharing my bliss last week, but apparently, there's still a bit of time!

1. More good times with good friends
2. I started riding my bike a little last weekend! Just arond the neighborhood, but a little is more than nothing!
3. Good times, laughter and good company.
4. Lots of alone time which means I got a few projects done, read some books, and my house is pretty clean! In fact, I didn't even panic or scramble when someone new was coming over last night, I already knew it was clean enough. I know that the people who know me know that I tend towards clutter, and while this person is not one to judge, I always worry the first time someone new comes over. And sometimes when someone not-new comes over...

Friday, May 18, 2012

A heart full of happy

Friday os quickly becomming my favorite day because I get to share all the happy moments from my prior week. Thanks Liv Lane for continuing to host the Little Bliss List!

I took lots of blissful pictures, but I can't get them from here. :(

1. ROAD TRIP!! I packed up the dog last weekend and we went over the hill to visit my cousin. I got to hang out with my family, and Chango got to hang out with his friend Casey(dog)

2. When I got there, my nephew came out of his room to greet me as soon as he heard my voice. He may not hug me without prompt, he may not share his school triumphs or even have converstaions with me, (actually, he only communicated directly with me thiat weekend to puch me out of his favorite chair. I thought it was funny) but the fact that he came out of his room to greet me in his way told me he loves me.

3. HANDMADE! I headed over the hill to attend the Davis Whole Earth Festival. Although it was full of Hippies, and I was pretty granola'd out in the first hour or so, I always enjoy the opportunity to see and shop for well crafted handmade items. I scored a butter dish and a wind chime. Funny thing about the chime, I was attracted to it because it said "Bliss" and I wanted to use a picture of it here. I asked if I could take one, and the artist was okay with it. Then, I went ahead and bought it. The picture is still on my camera, of course.

4. Watching my nephew and his dad play. Listening to him laugh and giggle and watching him be tickled. That little boy (pre teen! Oh my goodness!!) is so fortunate to have a set of parents that love him. I know its not easy to have a special needs child.

5. Late night talks with my niece. She's a teen now and will start high school next year. She's so body concious. I enjoy the opportunity to sit down and help her to understand that she can't compare herself with the girls on TV, that her body is still changing, and how proud I am that she's boxing and developing good exercize habits, something my siblings and I never really did, and what a wonderful young lady she has grown to be. This is the second time we've been able to have these conversations, just the two of us after everyone has gone to bed, and I hope there are many more in the future.

6. Cupcakes!! One of my skating friends had a birthday this week and mentioned that she forgot to blow out a candle or have a birthday cake. So I made her cupcakes and held a tealight while everyone sang to her. This is the other reason I love derby.

There were so many more moments, too many to keep track of. Each one special in its own way. I can't wait to start counting up my moments for next week. Starting... NOW

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goodbye to another relic from my childhood

I hesitate to use the term relic, but I just thougt idol seemed too, worshippy.

Donna Summer has passed away.

I can't help but admit that I knew it would happen soon, but I still got a bit verklempt over it.

DONNA SUMMER DUDES! We totally exercized with my mom to her music. We sang to her in the car. We disco danced the night away. We had Donna Summer RECORDS!! Well, my mom did. And then they got stolen.

Donna Summer was part of my early childhood soundtrack. I will mourn her passing by buying her music and blasting it in my car. I am so very sad.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things that need to fade out of popularity

Alright. That's it. I'm going to start a list of things that are so overdone, I don't want to think about them anymore. They need to go away. It's possible that they just need to be enjoyed quietly, but mostly, they need to go away.

1. Moustaches. Fake ones. They've been everywhere for a couple of years and it's time for them to be retired as a trend.  If you haven't noticed this, you have your head buried in the sand. Sure they were quirky at first. They stop being quirky when you see them at Wal Mart. And yes, I made moustaches on sticks and put them in my family's stockings year before last. THE YEAR BEFORE LAST. I'm so tired of them, I don't even want to moustachio the town anymore. And that is really sad.

2. "Keep Calm and ..." fuck you, I don't want to keep calm. If you google this, you will discover that you should keep calm and just about everything. Once again, quirky at first, nostalgic and all, but get over it already.

3. Bacon. This is on my list of things that should be enjoyed quietly. And, actually, it's the thing that inspired this list. Because I happened across a listing for bacon flavored lip balm. I have now seen Bacon flavored: lip balm, beer, vodka, soap. Things are shaped like bacin, scented like bacon. 10 years ago, it was amusing when I recieved a catalog that sold bacon band-aides. And Shower curtains. Once again, quirky then. Don't get me wrong. I love bacon. I eat it semi frequently. I would eat it ALL THE TIME if I wasn't just a little bit health concious. Suddenly, we seem to want bacon everywhere. We want to eat it, drink it, and smell like it? I have a problem with that.

4. Hello Kitty. This one doesn't stick in my craw like the others, but she's everywhere. In your house, on your toast. it's ok if you're 10 (says the girl with a Mr Potato Head collection) but if you're sticking Miss White everywhere and you're in your thirties, you might need counseling.

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I might be overwhelmed again

it happens easily.

Yesterday I walked out of my house, shut the door, and realized that my keys were still inside. Thankfully, I have people who have keys. Thank you, Sean.

Today, I put my pants on backwards.

But I remembered to grab my keys!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I think I misspelled that. I don't really care.


For all my mystical silliness and rocks and prayers, I don't really believe in western Astrology. Firstly, the decriptions of "Virgo" rarely actually describes me. The neatness and all that just don't seem to apply. I would be okay with myself if they did, but I don't have time for that sort of thing. I think my final straw with Astrology was when I went on two different first dates with men I met on the internet and one of the first things they asked when we sat down was, "Are you boring because you are a Virgo?"

Hardly. Assholes. I can think of a few people who would probably like it if I were a little more on the boring side, actually, but where is the fun in that??

However, I still read my Horoscope because I find it amusing. (at least I can be consistant in my misspellings, right?) The person who writes them for the local paper is notoriously bad. As in, I have thought about writing in to complain but they have gotten a little bit better. Instead of waxing nostalgic on the weather, she has been a little more interesting.

Today, it said this: "You will give a kindness to someone that you wish someone had given you"

and the first thing I thought was, gosh, I hope so.

My life? It overflows with kindness from others. Overflows. And I can only hope that I am giving back by being kind as well.

Mega Moonrise

Oh, the happy moments...

I sold some soap this week! Some at the Cinco De Mayo Celebration where I not only got to skate, but also sell soap, it was like two things I love collided. It was a little bit of a train wreck here and there but I think I pulled through since I will be doing it again in a couple of weeks!! I also gained what I hope will be a regular wholesale customer this week. She picked up two batches yesterday. It was nice to have to opportunity to chat with her for a little while too. YAY!

Then I sat in the truck, and had a drink (There was no driving in the future) while the giant moon rose over the hills to the East. I'm so glad we happened to be pointing East while that was going on. It was amazing.

Good food and better company.

Head on over to Liv Lane's place for more bliss sharing!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Rare Book/Movie Discussion

I tend to be a bit behind on current movies because I don't often see them in the theater and I only recently got Netflix. I had a Blockbuster account, but I had some overdue fines and refused to pay them because I don't like it when robots call me and mispronounce my name. Last name would be fine. I get that. It's not english and a little difficult for some people to wrap their toungues around. But my FIRST name. It's pretty damn simple.


I tend to be a little behind on movies. The other day, I recieved Water For Elephants.

First, let me tell you that I loved the book. Loved it so much that I still have it and now that I think about it, I might read it again. I was really looking forward to seeing it translated to the big screen.

Second, let me tell you that I'm not really a fan of Robert Pattenson. While it's not his fault that the whole Twilight saga really pretty much sucks, he just didn't LOOK good all pale annd sparkly. If I were a creepy old lady, I'd go Team Jacob. But I'm not. I like men my own age.However, in this role, I was pleased with his appearance and his acting. He played a believeable role and helped me forget the whole Vampire nonsense. I may stop sneering when I hear his name.

Reese Witherspoon. I like her movies. I like that she pretty much keeps herself out of the tabloids. I alternate between thinking she's pretty and that she's weird looking. In this movie, she kind of fell on the side of the weird. But that works for a circus film. And holy crap, she looks great for having popped out a couple of kids. She wore those skimpy little outfits like there was no tomorrow. Made me want to stop eating and start exercising. (like that would ever happen...)

Overall, the movie didn't really disappoint... But it wasn't spectacular either. It didn't really delve into the relationships that developed between the Humans and Rosie like the book did. There were some really key emotions that got missed. Rosie was pushed to the background in a way that she wasn't in the book. In the book, she was a main charactor, whereas in the movie, she was just kind of there like the lions or the tigers. She should have been the star of the movie with the interactions between the people secondary.

I know. Hollywood. They give the crowds what they want. And there is only so much that can be done when bringing a book to screen. While I'm glad that I saw it, I understand why it didn't get the acclaim it could have had.

If you have not, do read the book.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Afternoon Giggles

This week has been kind of hectic as two of my worlds collide; I have a Roller Derby Event AND a soap booth at the same event. It's been busy and crazy and I have aprehension and I need new knee pads before tomorrow.

And a thousand other things.

Once again, Debbie came to my rescue as we headed down stairs for some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. We giggled and laughed all the way down the stairs and into the branch. We leaned on each other and laughed like drunk teenagers. I'm sure our patrons thought we were drunk, but even better, they saw us having fun at work. We laughed and giggled all the way back up the elevator to our desks.

True bliss at play.