Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goodbye to another relic from my childhood

I hesitate to use the term relic, but I just thougt idol seemed too, worshippy.

Donna Summer has passed away.

I can't help but admit that I knew it would happen soon, but I still got a bit verklempt over it.

DONNA SUMMER DUDES! We totally exercized with my mom to her music. We sang to her in the car. We disco danced the night away. We had Donna Summer RECORDS!! Well, my mom did. And then they got stolen.

Donna Summer was part of my early childhood soundtrack. I will mourn her passing by buying her music and blasting it in my car. I am so very sad.


OsShirt said...

While she was one of the leaders of the anti-Christ movement known as disco, I managed to find an appreciation for the style years on down the road. I, too, played all the mp3 tracks I had of her this afternoon.

Sensei said...

Summers was a Christian and openly professed it. Just saying. But, disco was hard to grow up with, as a guy. Just hearing it raised estrogen and lowered testosterone.

We also lost Chuck Brown.

OsShirt said...

Whoa! Didn't know about Chuck Brown! :-(

Ginamonster said...

Since Disco "died" the year I was born, I can't help but enjoy the nostalgia of it. But then, I'm a girl so I don't worry about my estrogen levels.