Friday, May 18, 2012

A heart full of happy

Friday os quickly becomming my favorite day because I get to share all the happy moments from my prior week. Thanks Liv Lane for continuing to host the Little Bliss List!

I took lots of blissful pictures, but I can't get them from here. :(

1. ROAD TRIP!! I packed up the dog last weekend and we went over the hill to visit my cousin. I got to hang out with my family, and Chango got to hang out with his friend Casey(dog)

2. When I got there, my nephew came out of his room to greet me as soon as he heard my voice. He may not hug me without prompt, he may not share his school triumphs or even have converstaions with me, (actually, he only communicated directly with me thiat weekend to puch me out of his favorite chair. I thought it was funny) but the fact that he came out of his room to greet me in his way told me he loves me.

3. HANDMADE! I headed over the hill to attend the Davis Whole Earth Festival. Although it was full of Hippies, and I was pretty granola'd out in the first hour or so, I always enjoy the opportunity to see and shop for well crafted handmade items. I scored a butter dish and a wind chime. Funny thing about the chime, I was attracted to it because it said "Bliss" and I wanted to use a picture of it here. I asked if I could take one, and the artist was okay with it. Then, I went ahead and bought it. The picture is still on my camera, of course.

4. Watching my nephew and his dad play. Listening to him laugh and giggle and watching him be tickled. That little boy (pre teen! Oh my goodness!!) is so fortunate to have a set of parents that love him. I know its not easy to have a special needs child.

5. Late night talks with my niece. She's a teen now and will start high school next year. She's so body concious. I enjoy the opportunity to sit down and help her to understand that she can't compare herself with the girls on TV, that her body is still changing, and how proud I am that she's boxing and developing good exercize habits, something my siblings and I never really did, and what a wonderful young lady she has grown to be. This is the second time we've been able to have these conversations, just the two of us after everyone has gone to bed, and I hope there are many more in the future.

6. Cupcakes!! One of my skating friends had a birthday this week and mentioned that she forgot to blow out a candle or have a birthday cake. So I made her cupcakes and held a tealight while everyone sang to her. This is the other reason I love derby.

There were so many more moments, too many to keep track of. Each one special in its own way. I can't wait to start counting up my moments for next week. Starting... NOW


Tori Beveridge said...

I found you through The Little Bliss List. I love your list. It's full of the little moments that really make life special.


Great list! And, road trips are one of my personal favorites :) Hope you have a great weekend! -Blair of The Turquoise Heart

Michele Bergh said...

I so love your list. My favorite parts are the giggles of a child and the awesome talk you had with your niece.

Ginamonster said...

Thanks you guys! I enjoy your lists as well, I'm just not as good about commenting. I will try to be better!