Friday, August 06, 2010

A prayer

Dear, dear universe.

Last night was a tough night for cheese and I. we were both very tired. And it's really hot out. Even with the ceiling fan on. And the little fan he brought over was really loud so I had to get out of bed and turn it off and wake up Cheese.  I was so tired but my brain was on and my body was twitchy and it was hot so I had to get out of bed and take a half muscle relaxer and drink some water then crawl back in bed and wake up Cheese.Then the dogs played (I'm dog sitting) and licked themselvs and and for goodness sake panted for like, I don't know, an hour or something before I put them and their jingling dog tags out of the room.
Then as soon as I was in a nice deep sleep, someone started barking and they had to come back in. But now that he started, Chango had to woof for a bit before he finally quieted down and I was able to toss and turn my way into dreamland again before BARK!!
(holy crap are you serious?)
He had a crappy day, did Cheese, complete with a beer spill and a few wrong ways. I did pretty good but once he was gone, I slept for awhile since i don't have to be out of bed until three and a half hours after he is up and what do you know, the critters were quiet.

But please, oh universe, let the dogs sleep quiet tonight.


Sensei said...

Here's a tip I learned in the Army to keep dog tags from jingling, and I used it on my pitbulls through the years:
tape the tags together. They still hang loose but do not clang. I mean, really, are the dogs going to be upset that you silenced thier charm bracelets?

If they mess with the hanging taped tags, tape the tags to the collar, flat. Because if someone finds a stray dog, and sees the tags taped, they will just remove the tape.

Nerdy Girl said...

I know how you feel. We have a kitten and a wolf hybrid and between the two of them playing all night long and the kitten playing with our toes we barely get any sleep these days. Its like raising a baby all over again, except of crying you have sharp claws and 120 pounds digging into your skin. =)

Sensei said...

Nerdy Girl, do you scuba?

Richard said...

We've got hree dogs, five cats, three kids, Maggie, and Vincenzo in my house. (Not to mention me. I'm LOUD). I totally sympathize.

Hope you've been well for the last, holy CRAP, couple of YEARS.

Love to all. Even you, dogs.