Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After Shower conversations and Happy HNT

I mentioned in that chat area of the show tonight that I had particularly fine cleavage today. So I took a picture. But no one said, "oh yeah? let's see!" so since it is particularly marvelous, happy HNT.

In the meantime, I had the following conversation with Poo.

Me: Goodnight Poo!

Poo: GASP! goodnight.

Me: Did I scare you again? (I startle Poo every time I walk into the room. I am not exactly quiet)

Poo: yeah

Me: you spend too much time alone.

BTW, during the radio show, there was an "earthquake" in my apartment. I am pretty sure (now) that it was the washing machine's spin cycle shaking my room and not an actual earthquake. You know. in hindsight and AFTER I made a spectacle of myself.

And yes. I am. Goodnight!


Osbasso said...

My! What particularly fine and marvelous cleavage you have there!

Why do I suddenly feel like Little Red Riding Hood??

othurme said...

I was thinking to ask, but it just seemed crude.

By the way I'm looking forward to seeing that cleavage all covered pudding.

I clearly have line drawing issues.

Buzz said...

Very nice, SD county misses you! lol.

Happy HNT, have a good one


Rich | Championable said...


sharon said...

hiya, just getting caught up here; good on ya for the new job and all. and the nice boobies.

Gretta James said...

MmmmmMmmmmm boobilicious boobs xx

Skawt said...


"All the better to motorboat you with, my dear."