Monday, March 17, 2008


Yup. Employed. As of next Monday. About 10 minutes after I filed for unemployment. But I'm still going to collect for last week and this. Because I need the income. And then? YAY! It's not as much money as I had hoped, but I think I will really like this one. And that's worth more money than I can count. How nice it will be to wake up and want to go to work every day. It's as an administrative assistant for a major pet supply company. I like pet supplies. AND I like to shop with this company so, HOORAY! A JOB! WHEE! Took my pee test today. Poo assured me that my minor inhalations a couple of weeks ago shouldn't hurt me, that you have to intentionally inhale concentrated amounts for it to show up. I am still a little nervous, but I'm pretty darn sure I will be okay.
The company will be starting me out in HR at first, to help them and get me in there. In a month or so I will move into my permanent position. As per usual, I won't give any gory work details. (sorry bout that. I worry about getting caught and fired) Regardless, this is definitely a good thing.


Osbasso said...

YAY! Glad to hear that things are looking up!

Sensei Ern said...

Congrats! I envy admin assistants.

AAs get a lot of face time with the decision makers. That can lead to opportunities most people do not get, if you show promise in what is needed.

The AA of my company...the one I am contracted through, not my own company...did that for a year. SHe showed she could handle the HR stuff for our little company. Now, she is VP of HR.

Hoping the best for you.