Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crap. I didn't think of that

I got a notice in the mail today from the CA DMV. Apparently, my registration has been suspended.

Here's the thing. I have been putting off switching over to NV plates because I had JUST registered my car when I moved. Then I was going to get it taken care of and I got fired. I am still waiting for my first paycheck. I will have to get the car smogged and registered. These things cost money.

I no longer have the kind of job where I can leave a little early to take care of business.


Regardless, it will get cleared up this week. Sigh.


Sensei Ern said...

You and I are dealing with a snowball building to an avalanche of little things to get done.

Make a TO-DO list, and at the end of the day, mark off what you did, even little things count, like "pick up gum wrapper on the patio". Write the most pressing things first. You don't have to do them in order, just have them written down so you won't forget. If you get half done, count it a successful day.

xokck: the scribble at the ens of a love letter...XOXOXOXOXO
At the top of the TO-DO list write, "Fill out my TO-DO List".

Zube Girl said...

Ugh, that happened to me when I first moved to Colorado. Sorry you are going through it. It's tough when things seem to pile up. One at a time, that's the best you can do.

Rich | Championable said...

I have TOTALLY done that before. Sorry, man.