Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Had an interview today. Hooray! The job would be fantastic. I am hoping they pay enough, and that they hire me. He definitely wants me in for a second interview. Pray.

Handyman work is going well. At least it's income and I am enjoying myself, even if I cannot kneel.

The bruises on my knees are healing and I fully expect to be able to skate again next week. The one on my hand, which you do not have a picture of, has spread from the fleshy part of my thumb around to the top of my first metacarpal. It doesn't hurt, but it's ugly. Wear your PPEs folks. I need to remember to start taking my vitamins again.

Had an encounter this evening that reminded me to keep my eyes wide open and my head on strait. No, it wasn't creepy or dangerous, no I don't want to discuss it, just know that I made a mental note.

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