Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In which the cure is far worse than the injury

One thing I didn't do that I should have when I sprained my ankle two years ago is ice. I know I should have, and that I would have healed faster, but I didn't and that's that.

So tonight when I hit the wall wrong (what ever happened to my stopping skills? jeez!) and tweaked my ankle, I knew it was important to get myself home and soak in ice so that I can be back at the rink tomorrow.

So I filled up my bucket (I love buckets) with ice water and stuck my foot in. And discovered a whole new type of pain. I discovered the kind of pain that makes me want to bite a bullet. I discovered a kind of pain that makes me want to scream just to release some of the built up pressure.

I'm a puss, I can only soak for a couple of seconds at a time. My foot is numb and red. My sweatshirt has bite marks.

But I kept up with the big girls tonight. Mostly. Actually, speed-wise, I am almost equal. It's the tricks (like turning around to the left) and getting hit where I falter. And I really need to get over that. Like our coaches say, that's why we wear pads.

fuckin cold water...


Anonymous said...

A more comfortable way to go would be to put ice in a zip lock bag, wrap the bag in a towel, then place it on your ankle. It is still plenty cold, but tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I forgot to say take it easy! We don't want you hurt! Heal up soon... and... protect those digits at all costs. You must be able to type. I know I for one can't go for long without your updates.

Ginamonster said...

Thank you Anonymous. I am telling myself it is a strain, which should be better soon. That whole ice thing was terrible though. I'm glad that I did it though. I have very little pain.
If you were to see my fingers right now...I'm just not used to manual labor!

BrattyDuke said...

SEE! I SAID you were little miss speedy now! I love it, it's a huge advantage in bouts!

Ginamonster said...

Bratty, I still have a LONG way before I can catch you! and believe me, it's totally a goal.