Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Wednesday


Hoo Ha still bruised, you can't see the bruising. I can just feel it. you know, when I sit down and stuff.
I seem to have pulled the muscles in my inner thighs perfecting the T stop. I still cannot T stop. Time though. give me time.


Drooled coffee onto my shirt during a meeting. Then my chicken went flying at lunch and I got BBQ sauce on my shirt. Right next to the coffee stain.


My parents are looking at buying property with a Granny Flat. Actually, the Granny Flat is a trailer. I will go with them to look at it today. I don't want to live in a trailer, but my lovely apartment was not the best financial decision I ever made. You know what I mean?


Spoke with atheist on the phone last night. He seems nice, but I'm thinking we are not compatible. Philosophy aside, I am an active/outside girl, he's a chess and piano player. I like chess and the piano, but he got worn out just talking to me. I don't think he could keep up with me in a kayak.

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