Tuesday, May 16, 2006

HR Update

I never did hear back from him, and I know he's still alive because I see his car each day. I have figured that he really does have far too many issues for me to get involved and, he can't be bothered with responding to my emails. I came to this conclusion awhile ago and basically crossed him off my list of possibilities.

Anyway, He was just behind me on the path to the drink station. I only know because I saw his reflection in the window. I just kept on going, although I probably should have turned and said hello. you know, just to be friendly since he's a likeable fellow, and I don't want to be a snob.

I didn't turn to say hello because a person who doesn't return my messages isn't really worth my time and energy. I wonder if perhaps he didn't decide to work it out with the mother of his child. If so, Great! But don't tell me you want to get to know me and then drop me in the dirt. I don't have the time or patience for that sort of nonsense.

I have wondered if perhaps Baby Mama didn't intercept the messages, but there is so little communication between he and I that the implicated drama of THAT is far too much to deal with. Like Gary said, too many people marry the wrong person. And there are too many red flags to sonsider this man an option for even a casual partnership.

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