Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm supposed to show you my Fridge cuz it's Friday

Harbucks bags, milk for pudding. The bachelorette life is grand. I'd show you what's in my drawers (hee hee) but they are empty because every time I put stuff in there I forget about it and it goes bad. really bad. By the way, the litres of soda are left from when I hosted Bunco last. I don't really drink very much soda. except out of glass bottles so I can make magnets. Plus it tastes better that way.
This is my freezer. Note the large box of corn dogs. Right after I bought them, I got over my corn dog kick. Under those are the rolled tacos I bought when I was on my last rolled taco kick. yeah. also note the ginormous bag of chocolate chips. giridhelli. just because I can't spell them doesn't mean they aren't yummy! by the handful! for dinner sometimes. hee. ok not really for dinner.

I don't know how to make these not be sideways so just pretend that I live in a sideways house, okay? All those dotty things are the magnets I like to make out of my bottle caps. I like magnets. I also like bottle caps. There's some rootbeer ones and grape soda ones and ONE lonely Smirnoff twisted one. I should drink more so it will have playmates. See the watering can? my bird is having a love affair with it.


Randy J. Munnson said...

Great blog!!! I love the freezer pics, it really shows what you have in there. I'm more of an alarm clock/futon enthusiast myself, but I can dig the fridge and freezer. Love it, awesome post. One question though....why would you want to put stuff in your drawers?????

Well, cool blog! Take a look at my blog and maybe we can hook eachother up with some links;)


Gary said...

I think I see something alive in that refrigerater. Never mind.... it was just a bug crawling on my monitor.

PaintingChef said...

That is the biggest box of corn dogs I think I've EVER seen! Thanks for playing along!

jen said...

OMG! I have a box of corn dogs just like seemed like a good idea at the time. haha

Ginamonster said...

Welcome Randy. I don't think I have ever seen anyone quite so excited about Futons and Alarm Clocks. Where do you put them all???

Very funny Gary. the only critters I have these days are the gnats that live in my plants. stupid gnats...

Yeah. Corn Dogs. gotta love em!Thank goodness for Costco!