Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Crazy Weekend.

Friday I left work early because I felt like it. T emailed me, friendly, but not too. I invited him to the BBQ, but he didn't go. I was a bit dissapointed although I know it is better that way.

Saturday we did this n that getting ready for the BBQ on Sunday. Sat. night I went to a party for a friend. She lives with ex, C. (she rents a room) He was there, everything was friendly. we talked a bit. he never recieved my letter. He came to the BBQ on Sunday. It was a lttle strange becasue even though we were together for almost two years, he still does not know my friends. I should have seen that as an indicator, but I ignored it.

Sunday our goat and dog arrived. Love the dog, goat drives me nuts. he jumps out of his pen. he cries for no reason. at 6am. he tries to come in the house, pooping all the way. The BBQ went well.

Monday I attended the memorial services for my friend who passed away in April. It was tough. I learned that everyone loved her as I did, and that her husband is as beautiful of a person as she was.

My house is still a mess from the party. I'm a little pissy about that. I clean the day after my parties, even if it means I will miss out on some fun elsewhere. But then, I am a bit cranky because the pets kept me up last night.

The dog was barking at something, which is good, she's a good guard dog. but that woke the goat (3 am) and certainly didn't quiet down the neighborhood roosters which have kept me up every night for the past several weeks. the goat started screaming at 6 this morning. good thing I was supposed to be up anyway.

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