Friday, May 27, 2005

Last night I bowled a 107. This is an accomplishment for me. It was better than my first game which was a 74, about average for me. Perhaps if I purchased my own ball, I would be a better bowler. You see, I cannot bowl with anything heavier than an 8 lb ball because of my back. (I have turned into a weakling!!) All the light balls have itty bitty finger holes. you know, for kids. my fingers get stuck. I catch my fingernails. it's not pretty. Also, I bowl wrong, right handed with my right foot out front. I tried the other way, it screwed up my score. Couldn't do it. oh well. It's not like I'm on a league or anything.

I had to behave myself when Barry was powdering his ball...I bowl with my parents and thier friends. Conservative Morman friends. Making ball powdering jokes would only have embarassed us both.

Had a discussion about E because my step brother's lovely girlfriend dated him too. And she works with him still. Apparently he is constantly trying to get her into the stock room. Hello? Sexual Harassment!! Apparently he really liked me. He had been referring to me as his girlfriend. I didn't know I was his girlfriend, so was it still cheating? I am still sorry that it didn't work out between us, I still feel as though I made the right choice in choosing T.

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jkdasfjad said...

You're a lucky one. My personal best is like, a 64.