Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deal Breakers

Everyone has their list of deal breakers. Here's mine:

Covered Wagons. Also known as a Dutch Oven, where a fart happens under the covers and the culprit pulls sid covers over the victim's head in order to force them to smell the fumes in a closed in concentrated manor. This really is at the top of my list!!

Wet Willies. I don't mind my ears nibbled or whatever, but don't stick your finger in there. and REALLY don't lick your finger and stick it in there. ugh.

Clipping tonails in the living room/kitchen/bedroom, really anywhere but in the bathroom or outside. Those things are sharp, and gross. beep them where they are far from food, and easy to sweep up.

Farting is ok as long as it is not intentionally done on my person. I read once that the reason farts smell is because there are tiny poo particles floating around and that is what smells. I don't want your poo particles on my person. Accidents happen, everybody farts, whether they admit it or not, or do it openly or not. but to intentionally put your butt on someone and pass gas? uh uh. I don't think so.

Physical violence against my self or family. this sounds like a no brainer. But if you hit me, I'm gonna leave forever. right after I beat the ever loving shit out of you. Against my family? I put up with it once. had a boy friend who kicked my mom in the head. He said he was just playing, but he was mad, and he didn't hurt her, he has amazing control over his body and barely tapped her, but I will always feel bad for not ending it with him right then.

Drug and alcohol abuse. I can accept if you want to quit, are in a program, are dedicated to your program....but I'd rather you weren't involved in the shit. I've had enough heartaches over drug and alcohol use.

Wow. that got a lot more serious than I thought it would! guess that's all for now!

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