Friday, May 20, 2005

We hold these truths to be self evident

That apparently I am not that interesting because no one comes to visit anymore. either that, or my stat counter stopped working.

That I need to learn to be really, honestly, single again. I don't really want to, but if it is true that I have become one of those women who won't be single, then I do want to because I don't want to be like that.

Still miss T (what do you think? it's been less than a week!). Don't think he will call again. I knew I looked forward to his emails all day, but I didn't realise hown much until they stopped.

I may keep selling stuff on JUST so my email is not empty and I don't feel like a loser. Maybe if I include my blog on my postings, I can up my visits here too. That's really sad...

I must be more pathetic than I thought I was.

I just got apricot all over the front of me.

I don't know if I like cats anymore. I like some cats. But I have come to view them the same way I see children and dogs. loud, pukey, poopy, and messy. I like to visit with them but I don't know that I want any of my own. Luckey Spinster may have her upstairs kitty, but I had worse, I think. Two cats, outside my window last night at 3am yowling. tried to make noise from my bed to scare them away, but they would start up again as soon as I fell back to sleep. after 45 minutes, I put on my tennies and bathrobe, filled a bucket of water and tried to douse whichever one ran by. it worked. Buy by this time it was 4 am and I was CRANKY! I was ready to send a nastygram to all my neighbors telling them to keep thier cats in. I'm sick of them pooping in my yard too (the phantom poo was way too big to be cat). I really think I want to get a bb gun. or pellet gun. arcsoft, whatever it takes to keep them away. I am not a mean person, except at 3am when I am having a perfectly good dream and the alarm is due to go off at 5:30. When I had cats, I kept them in. all the time. My mom brings her's in every night. My boss says that all I can do is humanely trap them. but then what am I supposed to do with them? I don't want anyone to lose their kitty, but I find it ver impolite to ask me to listed to them all night. argh!

guess that's all for now.


Sargini said...

favorite quote from last night
if someone said to you
Guinea Pig
Snagged from Jen
another deal breaker
I don't think
Things about me

These are great post. The old Gina who was not single.Where didshe go ? I really like her a lot. If T does not appreciate your silly, charming, intelectual, intelelligent, innocent, fun to be with beauty quenn I saw belly dancing. Who for a moment in time did not care about what people said. If you want to wear something that makes you feel like a poser go right ahead. Your not posing, your actually trying something you want to do. You know to see if you like it. Look in the mirror you are a human with the right to do what you feel, as long as you let yourself. When you do new looks try wearing sun glasses. I personally feel like I can hide behind shades when I try new things. You want tohear something real funny. I went to the nude beach.Yes north miami beach is completly nude. Well, I went there alone to see how thing are over there. I would have to say and I shit you not 90% of the people was wearing shades. I don't think it was a hide who they are thing, I think it was a hide behind your shades thing. It was so funny. You if you where shades on a nude beach the only thing you don't tan is yo racoon eyes. hahaha I did not bring shades because I already have evoled from that childhood crap parents feed you. OH, don't do that what will people say, what will they think Oh my god your not my child, how daaaaaaare yooooou embaress me like that...etc...etc...
I'm not going to let my son grow up trying to be what the public wants. Or what will they think. If he is accepted by the world. I'm teaching him to live his life with what he he is comfortable with and believs in. I refuse to close his mind. Have you ever heard a parent say oh why dont you just grow up?
A child who doesn't live out his or her childhood stays a child thru life.

All that rush in sqeezing the grapes and bottling them before thier time. come to find out twenty years later that the wine came out bitter and theres nothing you can do to change it now.
Maybe by the time I'm forty I'll be the fine wine God intened me to be.
I used wine becuase your from california, I have been to sonoma in 2000'
I don't know what else to say except snap out of it. Your an adult now and your on your own. Fall inlove with what a Virgo Snake is intened to be. And be yourself you know what the inner you tells you. in the bible it says that God is in everybody and that might be him we all here but few listen. Your a great person on this earth. I first hand know what virgo snake is capible of. Every day I look to see if you wrote back or not. Dont you have a kind and generuos heart. so much heart that you give it on a silver platter. Please keep your heart where it belongs until your a whole person. I don't how you will react about my comment I swear and this is a scorpio swear not a virgo swear. My intension are for the good. I hope I did not hurt our new friendship.
your friend,

Ginamonster said...

I'm mopey right now, but I promise to snap out of it. It happens sometimes. I'm glad you appriciate me for who I am, I think T does too, but he knows I have a lot of issues to work out. We have talked today and I am feeling better. Every time my life changes, I have to rediscover how to be me in my new situation. And sometimes it takes some time to get out of mopey mode.But I'll be back to the snarkiness again, you'll see.