Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Christian Slater

Apparently this actor who many of you likely pasted on your wall during the 80's and early 90's...well, if you are a hetero girl...or a gay guy...(I didn't, I was more into astronomy than boys. ah, the good old days.) is in jail for inappropriately groping a woman in New York.

I have never been to New York, but the streets look pretty crowded. How many times have I been in a crowded place and accidentally touched someone's butt? Now, I wasn't there, but unless there was some serious grabbing going on, isn't it possible that Mr Slater didn't even realize that he had touched this woman's butt, or, isn't it possible that he did realize it, but was embarassed, snatched his hand away, but didn't say anything because he didn't want to be recognized? isn't it possible that this could have happened to any of us?

Now, generally, if I think I have touched a strange butt, I will do one of two things. I will ask the person if I have just touched thier butt, or, I will whisper to a friend that I touched a strange butt. the exception to this being last year's bachelorette party when I asked if I could grab a handful to see which of two hot guys had the better butt, so I could award a sticker. But that was different, really.

If I touch a familliar non boy friend butt, a joke is usually made about butt touching in general.

When I am randomly groped in public, I generally look around and then smile at the offending 4 year old, and make jokes with the corresponding parents.

So I think I might be siding with Mr Slater on this one when I say, gee, it was likely an accident. Leave him alone. Unless of course I hear otherwise from our amazing american news sources who, rather than reporting on the state of the world in Indonesia, they tell me all about some lady's butt grabbing incedent.

BTW, I managed to say "Butt" 10 times in this post. hmm.


Sargini said...

Slater born a Leo/Rooster is highly capable of groping. They think they are the last coca-cola in the dessert. Like as if they have evry right in the jungle to do as they please with female species. This is a leo with a pretty big head too. Trust me, one of my brothers is the same exact sign born 4 day before him. I have seen him in action many times trough life. I think he is guilty as accused.

Ginamonster said...

this is possible. But I like to give everyone the beneft of the doubt

Anonymous said...

I'm a Leo/Rooster and i beg to differ...and there are other such Leo/Roosters that prove otherwise as well. Such as Elliott Smith, Edward Norton, or Alex Haley...for example. We're not all bad. And besides, one can't possibly say that ALL Leo/Roosters are the same way...there are so many other aspects to a birth chart it's almost impossible to have one identical to somebody else's.