Thursday, May 26, 2005

oh for joy!

I actually had 4 returning visitors. not today, but recently.

What can I say, I appriciate the little goals.

Meanwhile, search words that brought people here:

Colin Firth
Saddam Houssein in underwear
when I cry puffy red.

not nearly as exciting as Callie's spinsteriffic Nancy Drew one, but hey, a few people are actually reading, right?

By the way, Callie, if you are reading this, I would like you to know that I aspire to lure you away from your Lush habit and into my Bubbly Creations. Except that I don't have money for supplies right now. but I will. and when I do, I'm taking over the bathtime world. One bar of soap at a time. Look out.

In case you are wondering how the business is going, it isn't at the moment, but I did take a class on Sunday on cold process soap making and I fully intend to go to the thrift store and look at a few supplies I could buy used but have been getting new. I need to make a list, actually. BUT, as soon as I have a proper soap mold, watch out. Oh, and money for advertising. crap. there's a lot of stuff I need. Too bad I am very much opposed to going into debt this way. not that I'm not in debt, I just won't do it for business.

Actually, I am trying to climb out of it. I have to figure out what is more important, low debt, or a down payment. I don't have much time to think about it...

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