Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a little better still

date went very nice, although I was apparently nervous all evening. we talked a little bit, about how I may change my mind eventually, but not to keep him, and how I knew he still wanted to hang out with me, because he was there. And that it will take me some time to get comfortable again. Not that I have ever been totally comfortable, but I was getting there. But now, I think I am back to being gun shy.

Meanwhile, I think he is more comfortable with me because he does those gross things guys do like scratch and burp. he hasn't farted (while I was awake) but I know it's coming. And he did tell me the other day that he had gas. Thanks. and, good for you.

I do believe though that being with someone has as much to do with whether you can deal with their habits and ideosycracies as it does whether you are attracted to them. Attraction does not keep a relationship going. You don't want to be with someone who you think smells bad. I don't thinkI could be with someone who trimmed thier toenails in the living room/kitchen/etc. I thinkI will make a list of deal breakers. hmm.

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Jen said...

A list if deal breakers could be interesting. Maybe I'll do that someday too.