Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sharing childhood memories

Since I just shared these with my boss, I thought you might enjoy them too. These are the things we used to wander around singing, along with great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts...and all that jazz.

(insert two syllable name here) is a nut, she/he has a rubber butt.
And every time she/he turns around sh/he goes putt, putt.

then the infamous

Everybody's doin it, doin it, doin it
Pickin their nose and chewin it, chewin it, chewin it,
Tastes like candy but it's really snot
An ice crea sunday with a booger on the top.

I almost forgot about how so and so stole the cookie from the cookie jar (who me??) yes you. (couldn't be) then who??

That one could go on forever...

I catch myself actually saying this one to little kids when they pitch a fit...

(insert name here) is mad and I am glad cuz I know how to tease him/her...

I HATED that!

Ah, the memories of being kicked out of my aunt's house with a plastic cup of kool aide all day so she could clean house...We could come back for lunch (a pb and j and out we went) She wore a bandanna on her head...I do it too when I'm doing heavy cleaning.

Wow. I didn't think two little rhymes would bring back such a flood of memories! I may have to email those to my sister and cousin now.

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