Thursday, May 19, 2005

the long and short of it

landlord came over (unannounced) toured the house. complained about how I threw away all the stuff they left behind (not much of a thanks for saving her pictures). Complained about the weeds and the dry grass. didn't seem to care that we water every night, I pulled a bin full on friday, and that we live in a coastal desert. no one has a green lawn. hasn't she seen "a cinderella story"?
As she was leaving she pulled the we want you out in 2-3 months "question" out of her pocked. We told her no, we stuck to our guns. I said shit. She didn't care that my back has not healed from moving the last time. She doesn't understand that it is my house for the next 9 months. She things she can come over whenever she want. after she left, screaming about how we called her names,(no we didn't) I called my lawyer, (yup, ah, I have a lawyer on retention. I'm glad my sister has good taste in men) then I called the sheriff who took a statement. oy.
We finally got her husband to put a stop to it (we hope) and we can continue to live there until the lease is up. Meanwhile, frugal Gina has to figure out how she is gong to save for a down payment because I really don't want to have to rent again. oy.
I hear she proceeded to my next door neighbor's house and told them all about how we hate her and were mean to her. She also called Boy roomie to complain but he didn't answer.
can I have another drama free vacation please? did so well in the last year!
at least it takes my mind off of "T". I still get teary talking about it. I just don't want to hurt anymore. No word from him. I know it's for the best.
After all was said and done, girl roomie and I played barbies. she went kayaking. I want to go kayaking. I think I prefer knitting to barbies. I know we're old, but we're kids at heart. Really we just put the stickers on the camping set and changed thier clothes. then we left the mess in the middle of the living room because we can.


Jen said...

I am SO sorry I haven't been around!! Anything I can do? You know how to find me...ANYTIME!

Sargini said...

Yeah we are kids at heart. I play with matchbox cars color. Muahahaha

Sargini said...

What a nightmare to live in that condition. I hope your lease is up soon.

Ginamonster said...

It's up in February. We've only lived there three months.

And Jen, no worries, I know where you are!