Thursday, May 12, 2005

another deal breaker

Wedgies. my underwear already tends to be up my ass whether I want it there or not. It has come to my attention that some guys still think it is funny to give wedgies. it's not. it's disrespectful and painful. And a great way to piss me off. I get pissed just thinking about it! I mean, what do you think? "oh honey, it really makes me hot when you yank my undies up my butt. I can't wait to pry them outta there so you can do it again"

Really. once again, are we twelve?

I realize that I make it sound like I have no appriciation for juvenile behavior. This is not true. I just think that if there is something you used to do to the nerdy kid at school to make him or her run away in tears, you probably shouldn't do that to your lover. could just be me.

By the way, no more sticky.

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jootastic said...

Boys are stupid. End of story.