Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy weekend, all

I'm off for another exciting weekend. I hope to have some good stories for you. On the agenda:

Tomorrow a man is going to come and get the goat for a weekend test run. I don't think he realizes how much trouble a goat is, even though I tried to tell him. I have another lead just in case.
I hope to get a pedicure. then it's wedding stuff.

Saturday is the wedding. nuff said.

Sunday, a day at the beach. hope i don't get another sunburn!

Monday BBQ at a friend's hous. should be fun and uneventful. still hopeing I don't get a sunburn

I'll be back on tuesday. Happy 4th of July to my American readers, um...have a good weekend to those outside the USA!!


cyouincourt007 said...

happy 4th to ya sweety...have a great time : ) Let Freedom Ring!!!

Sargini said...

Happy forth @#%#^^&^**^%@#$
The funny thing is because I'm in Miami we will be breaking in the 4th what 3 hours before you. I'll light one for you. So i guess it will be about (ish for you.hahaha