Monday, June 06, 2005

Some where over the weekend

It was pretty good actually. I was busy all day on Saturday, and managed to take some well earned time (like an hour or two) to relax on Sunday. I am looking forward to doing very little this evening, like knitting or making soap which I have not done in two weeks or so because I have been so busy taking care of everything, especially the goat.

The goat, woke me at 5 this morning. I really feel strongly that we need to find him a new home. I realize that coming to this conclusion after a week may be premature in some cases, but when I went ouside this morning in my robe and slippers, my neighbor's light was on, and we really need to consider the affect this is having on them. I could get used to getting up and dealing with these things, but I think it is unfair to ask the neighborhood to do the same. of course the neighbors with the roosters don't seem to care that I am awakened at 3 am by them, but I cannot control the neighbors, only myself. Unfortunately, every time I bring this up to girl roomie, she just looks upset and makes no move to make a decision about it. she's hardly home so I get frustrated. But otherwise, I think she's lovely.

On the happy side, I looked in the mirror today and came to the conclusion that although the current styles of pants do not fit, my thighs are not as big as I though they were.

Quote from this weekend:

"Every group has it's person who is different and wacky. I think we're it" (while wearing a glamerous head scarf and butterfly sunglasses)

By the way, I am still angry with Pot Friend. He was at dinner last night and upon seeing us in our get up, he came out and said he didn't want to hear us complain about being single ever again. I told him to fuck off and that I didn't want to hear him complain either. I try not to judge (although really, I do anyway) but he would be much better looking if he would lose 1 or 2 hundred pounds (maybe 3??) and have a better, more positive attitude. He would find and easier time hooking up with the type of woman he tends to be attracted to. Afterall, it's chemical, we have to be attracted to our potential mate. I'm not saying he wouldn't find someone who would love him for exactly who he is, and I hope he does, but he would meet morer women who are initially interested in him if he had more to offer than a snuggly hug and high chance of heart attack.
AND frankly, the man I would like to be with is as silly as me. Or at least appriciate my unique personality (here's where I get nostalgic) T used to sing and dance in the car and sometimes at home, and I thought that was just the greatest thing ever. He did tell me he wouldn't be seen in public with me and the butterfly glasses, but since I didn't really think he would, I didn't mind. (end nostalgia) But PF, is also angry with me, which is fine, I don't really care, because I get angry all over again when he is near or I think about it. He can just kiss my sparkly scarfed ass.

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