Friday, June 10, 2005

lookin in the mirror

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my thighs have not been looking so huge lately. If I have mentioned it, well, let me brag a bit, dammit!

Counseling went well. It's so strange telling a stranger all my deep dark secrets. not that they are really that deep or dark, I wear my heat on my sleeve. but I felt better for it, and i think I have been onthe right track. She does want to see me every wekk though. yuck. I'm thinking every other week would be better for me and my wallet. She asked if I thought I had ADD, and I told her that the internet says I do, but I don't want to diagnose myself from the internet. After all, the internet also says that I am at a high risk for diabetes, but it doesn't take into account that I am built like an ox. Also that if I don't pass along this chain letter I will have bad luck forever. I don't know, whatever. I will be continuing my counseling.

The goat is finally drinking from a bowl! yay! now if he would just stop screaming for attention all morning, we might be getting somewhere. if he would be content to be in his pen, at least when we are not in the yard, I might even want to keep him.

I bowled a 99 last night. well, that was my best score. I can't remember my worst.

Latest batch of soap is very hard and may not be any good. Girl roomie has agreed to be the guniea pig when it is ready. We don't test on animals you know. Just each other.


jen said...

I think we still share a brain as well as our adult onset ADD!! Before the divorce I went to counseling and I walked away with one REALLY good thing. It has helped me in countless situations because I take everything so personally. So, try it for may help!

Ginamonster said...

I think it will, weven if it is to keep me on my new, more positive track.

jen said...

Positive is a good place to be...if you get there, mapquest it for me. ;)